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Car Detailing Noblesville

Have your car Sanitized and disinfected when have Car Detailing Noblesville done at Prime Car WashAs Americans, we are in our cars frequently. We travel by car to work every day, to the grocery store, and to transport kids around to activities. All this driving around might make you think about how much time you spend in your car. An OnePoll study found that the average American spends 18 days a year in their car. Imagine if you didn’t clean your house for days. It would be dusty and dirty. If it seems like it’s been years since you’ve cleaned your car, then you need to make a Car Detailing Noblesville appointment at Prime Car Wash.

If you haven’t visited Prime Car Wash before, now is a perfect time! Not only do we clean the exterior of your vehicle, but we also have detailing services to keep your car sparkling clean from bumper to bumper, inside and out. Noblesville location at 14375 Mundy Drive between 146th and 141st street to experience the Prime Car Wash difference for yourself.

The Benefits of Car Detailing Noblesville

Now if car detailing from a car wash seems crazy to you, then allow us to introduce you to Prime Car Wash. Our car washes aren’t like normal car washes. We know that your car should be cleaned inside and out for the overall health of the driver and the vehicle.

At Prime Car Wash, we think of ourselves as a “Flex Service Car Wash.” This means that we can offer all the quality services of a traditional full-service car wash along with the speed and services of an exterior-only car wash.

Our Car Detailing Noblesville services are customizable for your desired level of cleanliness. And our memberships and packages make keeping your car looking and feeling as good as new easy. But besides saving money, here are some great reasons to get your car detailed regularly:

Better Car Health

Car Detailing Noblesville services can be added to a car washWhen your car’s cabin is dirty on the inside, it can also cause problems for your car’s engine. This can contribute to operational issues over time. If your car has an odd odor to it, you may not notice it because you’re so used to being in your car. Having a smelly car can make coolant and oil leaks hard to detect. When your car is consistently clean and you notice a sudden smell, your car may require more maintenance than cleaning. Mechanics can discover these issues more easily when your car is clean.

Better Air Cabin Health For You and Your Passengers

When you get behind the wheel of your vehicle, you are enclosing yourself in a tiny vessel that circulates the air. If there are dust and mold in your car, these particles will be spread more efficiently through your car’s air system. Allergens are also something to worry about spreading through your car’s vents. If you or any of your passengers have allergies to dust, pollen, or grasses, being in your car could exacerbate their allergies. Getting regular Car Detailing Noblesville can help prevent spreading allergens in your car.

Sanitizing and Disinfecting

If you’ve been sick while driving to the doctor’s office, did you clean out your car when you were better? Have you ever had to sneeze while driving and were unable to find a tissue to cover your nose? While practicing safe driving is important, your germs have probably made a home in your car and are ready to be spread among your passengers.

At Prime Car Wash, all of our detailing services include sanitizing and disinfecting your vehicle with our state-of-the-art germicidal disinfectant cleaner and deodorant. We use this product to wipe down all the hard surfaces inside your vehicle. This active germicide is highly effective at killing a wide variety of pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and molds. Having a clean car means confidently picking up more passengers, knowing you won’t get anyone sick.

Increase The Life Of Your Vehicle

When your car’s air filters are clean, the engine will be able to cycle air through the cabin more easily. When you have your Car Detailing Noblesville done at Prime Car Wash, we will vacuum thoroughly to prevent your air filters from being clogged. If your air filters trap dust in the engine bay and undercarriage, it could lead to other maintenance issues. Bolts and fasteners have a higher chance of seizing in place if they are covered in dirt. Keeping your car clean will help it run longer.

Not only that but when your car is detailed regularly, it will protect your seats, carpets, mats, and windows from being damaged over time. When you decide to sell your car, if you’ve kept up with regular cleanings and maintenance, your car’s resale value will likely be higher so you can afford an even nicer, newer car sooner than you thought!

Big Savings

Have your car cleaned inside and by adding on Car Detailing Noblesville services to your washWhen you sign up for a Car Wash Membership at Prime Car Wash, you’re entitled to a whole bunch of extra perks and savings. All detailing services include the Prime 360 Wash. The Prime 360 Wash has some interior cleaning standard with the package. You can also add on a complete detailing package. Prime Car Wash Members get it for $50 cheaper than non-members.

When you sign up for a 360 Wash Membership, you can easily add on specific detailing features as needed for your vehicle. If you don’t want your carpet shampooed, but want your leather seats treated, it’s as easy as letting us know. Prime Car Wash has never made it easier to keep your car feeling and looking new.

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If you’re ready to reap the rewards of Car Detailing Noblesville then visit Prime Car Wash today to experience quick interior and exterior car cleaning like you’ve never seen before. Visit our Noblesville location at 14375 Mundy Drive between 146th and 141st street or contact us to learn more.