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Car Wash & Detailing Carmel

Is your car past due for a washing and detailing? When it comes to the care of your car, choose the best car wash in Indiana and go with Prime Car Wash to receive your Car Wash & Detailing Carmel service. Prime Car Wash has locations across Florida and Indiana, but for our Carmel residents, we recommend coming to our Carmel location or any of our other locations that are closest to you when you decide to come to a Prime Car Wash.

At Prime Car Wash, our car wash attendants are highly skilled and want to do what is best for our customers and their vehicles. We use high-end cleaning products and tools on all cars that come for cleaning so when you leave your car is spotless!

What Does a Car Wash & Detailing Carmel Service Include?

There are three different options for Prime Car Wash customers: Basic, Pro, and Elite. All car washing packages include triple foam, wheel bright, tire shine, and a towel dry. The Basic package is all of those things, but the Pro and Elite packages include more. The pricing for our car washing starts at $9, but package pricing can vary depending on the type of car wash you choose and how often you want to have it washed. We have pricing for our customers who come one time or for our customers who want to clean their car more frequently.

Hoosiers love coming to Prime Car Wash for their Car Wash & Detailing Carmel service! For more information about what additional services each car washing package provides, and our pricing, check out our Car Washing webpage to learn about the different services we provide in our car cleaning packages.

Why Should I Become a Member with Prime Car Wash?

Becoming a member of Prime Car Wash has a lot of perks like saving money on your Car Wash & Detailing Carmel service. Prime Car Wash offers deals and discounts for all our members. We also offer free coffee to our members while they wait for their cars to be cleaned and detailed and events and promotions dedicated to our loyal members. Any time you come to a Prime Car Wash, you are guaranteed to get a clean and fresh-smelling car. Check out our membership web page and become a member today!

3 Reasons to Get Your Car Washed and Detailed at Prime

Car Wash & Detailing Carmel by Prime Car Wash

Car experts recommend getting your car detailed and cleaned every two weeks to rid your car of unwanted smells, dirt, and debris. There are many reasons why you should get your car cleaned and detailed regularly, but here are three reasons: 

1. Rids the Interior of Allergens
Allergies are no joke, especially during the spring and autumn months and the inside of your car is the perfect place for allergens like pollen and dander to collect. When you get your car detailed at Prime Car Wash, we ensure that those allergens are removed by vacuuming and wiping down the interior of your car. You deserve to breathe better while you drive.

2. Extends Car Lifespan
Salt and dirt on the roads can eat away at the finish of your car– allowing your car to rust and break down much faster than it should. Washing and waxing your car routinely will prolong your car’s lifespan and keep it looking as good as the day you drive it off the car lot.  

3. Helps Your Car Run Smoother
Detailing and cleaning your car isn’t just to make it sparkle, although that is an extra bonus, but it helps it run better too. When you get your car cleaned, you also get under the hood cleaned– ridding your car of dead insects, dirt, small road debris, and more from your engine. Your car will run and look better after receiving a Car Wash & Detailing Carmel service.

Interested in getting your car cleaned at Prime Car Washing? Book an appointment with us and the services you would like to have done on your car.

Come to Prime Car Wash for a Car Wash & Detailing Carmel Service

Prime Car Wash provides amazing customer service, great prices, and ways for our customers to save money every time they come to get their vehicles cleaned and detailed. Check out our list of locations and hours for the Prime Car Wash that is closest to you! We love seeing new and returning customers so the next time you need your car washed, choose the best option and go with Prime Car Washing.