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Car Wash Club Avon

You’re invited to be part of an exclusive club! Not just any club, but the Car Wash Club Avon from Prime Car Wash. Our car wash memberships have many more benefits than most other car wash clubs. Not only that, adding a second car to your membership is easy and affordable so all your vehicles can stay in pristine condition.

Did we mention that when you join the Prime Car Wash club you can have unlimited car washes throughout the month? Check out our Membership Page to learn more about Prime Car Wash Club Membership difference.

Extra Perks of Joining the Car Wash Club Avon

Car Wash Club Avon includes interior cleaningIf you’re already a member of a car wash club at a different car wash, you probably like the convenience of having the ability to pull into the wash bay as often as you want. You most likely get a jump to the front of the line when you flash your pass. Even if you have the most inclusive package with all the bells and whistles, it most likely doesn’t include cleaning the interior of the car. While your friends might be impressed with the outside of your car, they will probably be shocked when they see how dirty the inside is.

But when you join the Car Wash Club Avon at Prime Car Wash, your membership could include interior and exterior cleaning! We have 3 different levels of membership to our car wash club, and 2 of those 3 include interior cleaning.

Imagine getting your car cleaned inside and out, bumper to bumper, as many times as you want. It’s possible at Prime Car Wash. Not even the ultimate package at other car washes even come close to giving you this much value to your car wash. If you feel the inside of your car isn’t clean enough, you can easily add detailing services to your wash for an extra fee. Your car will feel new for longer inside and out.

Get the Perfect Wash for Your Vehicle

The Car Wash Club Avon features three tiers of membership. We are a flex service car wash, which means we offer all the quality services of a transitional full-service car wash along with the speed and services of an exterior-only car wash. We appreciate all of our members and are committed to excellent service for sustainable progress. Our packages are to accommodate any guest at any price range.

180 Wash

For those only interested in a fast exterior clean, our basic 180 wash includes all the things other car washes do. At most car washes, you would have to pay extra for exterior cleaning services for the underbody of your car, wheel cleaning, and waxing. But at Prime Car Wash, all of these things are included in our basic car wash, and then some!

When you sign up for the 180 Car Wash Club Avon membership, you can get the exterior of your car washed as much as you want for $29.99 a month. A single 180 Wash is $12. If you visit Prime Car Wash two-and-a-half times in a month, you will get your monies worth easy.

360 Wash

All Car Washes at Prime Car Wash include towel drying

Prime Car Wash’s 180 Wash already includes all the wash functions of the most expensive packages at other car washes. What else could possibly be included in the 360 Wash? Prime Car Wash’s 360 Wash package is when our interior cleaning services start being included. When your sign up for the Car Wash Club Avon 360 Wash Package, interior vacuuming, window cleaning, and door jam cleaning are all included on top of all the services included in the 180 wash.

A single 360 Wash is $25, and to sign up for a monthly membership is $49.99 a month. If you visit Prime Car Wash more than twice in a month, you’ll start making your money back. At other car washes, their highest tier membership costs more and the interior of your car isn’t cleaned. Plus, with the purchase of any 360 wash or higher, you can add on any of our detailing services for a fee. Check out the detail services we have available. It’s easy to wash your car whenever you want, and adding on detailing services is a breeze.

Elite Wash

The main reason people join Prime Car Wash’s Car Wash Club Avon is for our Elite Wash. You won’t find a better deal at any other car wash. A regular wash is $39, and it includes all the exterior cleaning of the 180 Wash, all the interior cleaning of the 360 Wash, plus dash and console wipe down, cleaning of seats and floor mats, and a fresh fragrance and carnuba wax.

An Elite membership is $69.99 a month. One-and-a-half cleanings of your car with the Elite Package will match the value at the regular price. Adding a second vehicle has never been easier. When your spouse sees how clean your car is, they’ll want to sign up for the Car Wash Club Avon too. For our 360 Wash and Elite Wash, adding a second car to your membership won’t break the bank. We offer to add a second car to wash for $10 less than the normal monthly membership price. Now that’s a great deal!

Prime Car Wash Car Wash Club Avon's Packages

Annual Memberships

The deals keep getting better at Prime Car Wash. If you are interested in joining the Prime Car Wash Car Wash Club Avon at any of our membership levels, you can pay for a full year of car washes upfront for additional savings. When you sign up for an annual membership at Prime Car Wash, we’ll give you 2 months of free car washes for free. No other car washes are offering interior and exterior car wash memberships for deals this great!

Visit Prime Car Wash Today!

Prime Car Wash has locations all over Indianapolis, but our Avon location is located at 9032 East U.S. 36 near the Walmart Supercenter. You’ll be so impressed with how clean your car is that you’ll tell all your friends about Prime Car Wash. And with all the savings after joining our Car Wash Club Avon, they’ll want to join too!