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Car Wash Club Fishers

Congratulations on your new vehicle! You’ve put in a lot of work to research your options, met with salespeople, and negotiated a deal to get a great price for your new car. Your new investment wasn’t cheap, and you want to make sure you get the most out of it. Get the most longevity of that new car feeling by signing up for the Car Wash Club Fishers at Prime Car Wash.

At Prime Car Wash, we think of ourselves as a “flex service car wash.” That means that we offer all the quality services of a traditional full-service car wash along with the speed and services of an exterior-only wash. Get a custom clean for your vehicle when you visit our Prime Car Wash in Fishers today.

Maintain That New Car Feeling

Everyone loves that new car smell. But taking your car to another car wash will only clean the exterior of your vehicle. To keep that smell, you need to clean the inside of your vehicle. However, if you’ve ever cleaned the inside of your car, you know how hard it is to get it clean. The Car Wash Club Fishers from Prime Car Wash has three tiers of membership, and most of the tiers include interior cleanings.

If you feel that you’ve never been in the habit of getting your car cleaned regularly, now is a great time to start. With a brand-new car paired with a car wash membership, you’re on a path to success. To maintain your vehicle’s performance, it is recommended that you have your car washed every two weeks.  Frequent car washes help keep your car’s value. They also minimize rust and discoloration in your paint job. If you have clean windows and lights you will be able to see better when driving at night.

With most of the Membership Packages from Prime Car Wash, if you visit the car wash more than twice in a month, you’ll get your monies worth in washes. Knowing that you’ll start making it a habit of getting your car cleaned regularly.

Car Wash Club Fishers Packages

At Prime Car Wash, we offer three tiers of memberships so you can get a custom clean. Our 180 Wash is $12 a wash and includes everything that other car washes charge you extra for. Your car will get wheel brite, tire shine, undercarriage cleaning, sealer wax, rust inhibitor, and more! At other car washes, for $12, you wouldn’t get half of these features.

Our next level wash is the 360 Wash, complete with all the features of the 180 Wash, plus interior vacuuming, and cleaning of the windows and door jams. The 360 Wash is $25 per wash. With the purchase of a 360 Wash or higher, you can add on detailing services for a fee. With every interior cleaning, your car will be wiped with an active germicidal disinfectant cleaner and deodorant. This cleaner is designed for the general cleaning of hard inanimate surfaces. Now you know that your car will be germ-free.

Our highest level of membership in the Car Wash Club Fishers from Prime Car Wash is the Elite Wash. Our Elite Wash comes with all the services that are included in the 180 Wash and the 360 Wash. The floor mats, dash, console, and seats will also be cleaned. Your car will also receive a fresh coat of carnuba wax, and a fresh fragrance sprayed in your vehicle to keep its freshness.

Members Save Big at Prime Car Wash

Members of the Car Wash Club Fishers from Prime Car Wash not only get a superior clean in their vehicles inside and out, but they also take advantage of big savings. When your spouse sees how clean your car is they’ll want to join our club too. Instead of having both members pay full price, adding a second car to your current membership will result in a $10 discount for the second member.

Members who sign up for an annual membership will also save big. All of our Car Wash Club Fishers Members will only pay for 10 months instead of a full twelve. If you sign up for the 360 Wash, that’s almost $100 in savings.

Anyone who comes to Prime Car Wash can get a complete car detailing for $170. But Prime Car Wash Members who subscribe to the 360 Wash or Elite Wash save $50 on a complete car detailing service. It really pays to be a member of Prime Car Wash.

Join The Car Wash Club Fishers From Prime Car Wash

If you like saving money and having a clean car on a regular basis, then you should join the Prime Car Wash Club Fishers today! To sign up, visit our Prime Car Wash Location in Fishers at 13801 Olivia Way near the corner of Southeastern Parkway and Olio Road between Starbucks and Dairy Queen. Come and see how clean your car can be by visiting us today!