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Car Wash Club Noblesville

When the world is obsessed with worry about the unseen viruses that can attack our families, we have to make sure our common spaces are clean. Grocery stores and retailers are going above and beyond to ensure cleanliness for their customers, but are you doing the same for your family? At Prime Car Wash, we ensure a high quality clean for all of our customers. When you join the Car Wash Club Noblesville at Prime Car wash, it has never been easier to keep your vehicle germ-free. Our car wash memberships include unlimited monthly cleanings for the inside and outside of your car.

A Membership at the Car Wash Club Noblesville with Prime Car Wash can include interior cleaningsThe Prime Car Wash Advantage

If you have are a car wash club member at a different car wash, you’re paying too much money for not enough of a clean. At other car washes, the difference in their tiers of memberships are the services available for the exterior of the vehicle. None of their packages include interior cleaning. Vacuums are on site for you to pay extra to use, but they often don’t clean enough. You can take your car home and clean it yourself, but it is difficult to get every nook and cranny clean. Once your car is clean, it doesn’t last very long until you have to clean it again.

At Prime Car Wash, we understand how hard it is to keep the interior of your car clean. That’s why we include interior cleaning services in our 2 higher Car Wash Club Noblesville packages. When you sign up for the 360 Wash or Elite Wash membership, we will clean your car with an active germicidal disinfectant cleaner designed for cleaning hard inanimate surfaces. This cleaner is highly effective in killing pathogenic microorganisms, including viruses.

Car Wash Club Noblesville Packages

At Prime Car Wash, we offer three different tiers of membership to choose from. If you are looking to switch from your current club to ours, be prepared to save a whole lot of money!

180 Wash

Our basic 180 Wash is an exterior only wash. This wash does not include interior cleaning, but it does include all the features that other car washes put in their premium packages. For $12 a wash, you’ll get wheel brite, tire shine, undercarriage cleaning, rust inhibitor, sealer wax, and more! When you sign up the for 180 Car Wash Club Noblesville package, you’ll pay $29.99 a month. Unlimited car washes with all the bells and whistles. If you just want to switch car wash plans just to get more bang for your buck, then our 180 Wash is a great choice.

360 & Elite Washes

Customers all over Indiana come to Prime Car Wash for our 360 Wash and Elite Washes. Both washes come with all the features of the 180 Wash, plus interior cleaning. Every interior cleaning comes with a wipe down with our active germicidal disinfectant cleaner. When you sign up for our Car Wash Club Noblesville top tier packages, your membership includes unlimited interior cleaning as well as exterior cleaning. If you’re transporting at-risk individuals often, or just want to have confidence that your car is germ- free, then signing up is a smart idea.’

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The 360 Wash includes cleaning of the floor mats, windows, and door jams. It is $25 a wash, but when you sign up for an unlimited membership, you’ll pay $49.99 a month. When you buy a 360 Wash, you can also add additional detailing services for a fee. Perfect for specific problem areas in your car, or you can add on a whole complete detailing. Did we mention that Car Wash Club Noblesville members get a $50 discount on complete detailing services? Another great reason why it pays to be a Prime Car Wash Club Member.

The Elite Wash from Prime Car Wash includes all the benefits of the 180 Wash and the 360 Wash, plus an even deeper interior clean than either of the other packages. Elite Wash members are also treated to the cleaning of floor mats, console and dash, and seats. Your car will get a fresh coat of carnuba wax and a fresh fragrance to help keep your car as good as new.

Prime Car Wash also offers Detail ServicesJoin the Car Wash Club Noblesville From Prime Car Wash For A Superior Clean

If you’re looking for a thorough clean inside and out, bumper to bumper, for your car, then visit our Noblesville location at 14375 Mundy Drive between 146th and 141st street. Once you see how much cleaner your car is compared to any other car wash, you’ll want to sign up for a Car Wash Club Noblesville. You can use your membership at any of our locations and keep your car looking good as new.