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Car Wash Detailing Carmel

For many people, the car wash is their go-to when it comes to keeping their vehicle clean and looking its best. But others swear by detailing services, which provide thorough cleaning from top to bottom inside and out. So what’s the difference between a car wash and detailing? And which option is better? 

Interior Detailing Carmel

The good news is you don’t have to choose – you can get both a cash wash and detailing at Prime Car Wash. We offer a wide range of options at our Carmel location, including a variety of car wash and detailing services. For example, you can get an exterior wash, tire shine, hand wax, seat treatment, clay bar application, and more. And best of all, we’re open seven days a week, so it’s easy for you to find time to get your car the care it needs. 

To get started, all you need to do is visit the location nearest you. In Carmel, we’re located at 9805 North Michigan Road. That’s just a few blocks north of 96th Street in front of the Home Depot. You can visit us any time between 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM or book an appointment through our online scheduling system. 

If you’re unsure whether a car wash or detailing is suitable for you, then keep reading. Below we’ve outlined some of the major differences between the two so you can make the best choice for your vehicle.

Car Wash vs Detailing – What’s the Difference?

The difference between a car wash and detailing can be unclear to some, but it’s important to know what you are looking for when deciding on a service. Let’s take a closer look at both of these services to determine which is the best option for you.

What’s Included in a Car Wash?

Most basic car washes include: 

  • Exterior hand washing with high-pressure water hoses
  • Cleaning the engine bay and wheel wells
  • Vacuuming the interior floor and seats
  • Washing windows and 
  • Drying your vehicle with a chamois cloth

What’s Included in Detailing?

Interior Detailing Carmel

When you invest in detail, you’ll not only get your car washed, but you’ll also get a full exterior and interior cleaning. Everything from top to bottom is given attention by expert detailers. This includes: 

  • Exterior wash
  • Clay bar
  • Hand waxing
  • Clean and conditioned leather seats
  • Clean vinyl or rubber surfaces such as dashboards and door panels
  • Clean glass all around the vehicle including windows inside and out
  • Vacuum floor mats and carpets (both front and back)
  • Shampoo interior fabric. 

What’s the Difference Between Car Wash and Detailing?

Interior vs Exterior

When it comes to car wash vs detailing, one of the major differences is what part of the car is being cleaned. A car wash is primarily focused on the exterior with very little done on the interior. A full detail starts with a thorough cleaning of both the interior and exterior and can include things like hand-washing your car, polishing the paint, shampooing the upholstery, cleaning the floor mats, and more.


A car wash is the act of running a soapy sponge over your car to clean off dirt and debris and then drying it by hand. They usually involve a quick interior vacuum cleaning, too. While it’s not going to get every single speck of dirt out of your car, it will do the general cleaning job. If you want a more thorough and detailed clean, you might want to go for detailing.


Car washes are usually done more often than detailing. The exterior of your car is exposed to a lot more dirt and grime than the interior is, so you need to have it washed more frequently to keep it clean. Detailing, on the other hand, only needs to be done once every six to twelve months (or more often if you use your car more than the average driver.)

Level of Protection

The chemicals used in detailing offer a level of protection that is not found in car washes. This is because many detailing products use waxes, sealants, and polymers that help protect your vehicle from environmental damage. These chemicals can be applied to paint, metal surfaces, and vinyl after cleaning to offer a higher degree of protection than the basic soap-based products used in car washes.


There’s also a notable difference in price between a car wash and detailing, with the latter being more expensive. When you consider the deep interior and exterior clean you get from car detailing, it’s no surprise that it costs more than a basic car wash. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. If you want an extensive cleaning that makes your car look like it just rolled off the lot, then you’ll need to pay a bit extra for detailing. 

Which Do I Need: Car Wash or Detailing?

The first step to deciding which is best for you is to determine what your car needs. If your car is just a little dirty, maybe just a car wash will do. If it’s filthy and dingy – especially inside your car – then detailing might be better. You also have to consider how often you want to do it as well as if you have time or money to invest in something more expensive like detailing.

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You can get a car wash or detailing at our Prime Car Wash location in Carmel. Visit us at 9805 North Michigan Road any time between 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM. If you have any questions about our services, give us a call at 317-591-9385.