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Car Wash & Detailing Fishers

Just because it’s the end of the summer doesn’t mean you need to go without a Car Wash & Detailing Fishers service from Prime Car Wash. Dirt and grime from long road trips can eat away at the paint on your car. It’s time to treat your car like the chariot it is! Don’t let dried mud and dead bugs get in the way of your vehicle looking immaculate and clean. 

Prime Car Wash in Fishers is the best place to get your car to go from grimy to pristine. We offer a wide range of services for our customers including but not limited to car washing and interior detailing. For more information about our car washing services in Fishers, go to our website

5 Unusual Benefits of Getting a Car Wash and Detailing Fishers Service

Interior Car Wash & Detailing FishersAside from having a clean car after getting a Car Wash & Detailing Fishers service, you also get a lot more benefits! Here are the top 5 unusual reasons why you should get your car routinely washed and detailed: 

  • Better Fuel Efficiency
    Believe it or not, clean cars have better fuel efficiency than those that have not been cleaned in a while. Studies show that fuel efficiency in cars that were cleaned went up by 10%. This means that by having your car regularly cleaned, you get to save money on gas in the future. Clean cars also run better. When you come to Prime Car Wash for a cleaning, your engine will also be flushed out and get rid of any dead bugs, dirt, or anything else that could contribute to a troublesome engine.


  • Clean Cars are Speedy Cars 
    Did you know that the build-up of dirt and debris can contribute to the weight of your car? That’s right! Dirt and debris could be the reason why your car doesn’t go as fast as it used to. Thankfully the easiest way to get back to zooming down the interstate is coming to Prime Car Wash to get rid of anything that is holding your car back from reaching its full speeding potential.

  • Improves Mental Health
    Self-care is a great way to improve mental health and part of self-care is taking care of your environment. This includes your home, your car, your office space, etc.. It all needs to be taken care of. If your car is dirty on the inside and outside that can contribute to worsening your mental health. When you clean your car, you may feel a sense of accomplishment. Studies have shown that 78% of Americans believe having a clean car makes them feel like they have their life together.


  • Increases Physical Health
    The interior of your car is just as important to have regularly cleaned as your exterior. You spend the most time inside your car and if it is left unclean for a long period of time, bacteria, dust, and other contaminants can build up in your car, making you and anyone else in your car sick. Getting your car detailed routinely helps eliminate those contaminants and reduces your chances of getting sick, especially since cold and flu season is underway.


  • Gives People a Good First Impression
    Before you say ‘hello’ to someone you are meeting for the first time, they are already making assumptions about who you are. Small things like the way your hair is parted, the kinds of shoes you wear, or the way you stand can all be things that tell people information about you, this is why it is important to keep your car clean and tidy. People with clean cars are perceived as responsible, stable, attentive to others’ needs, and do everything they can to make the people around them comfortable. They are not reckless, offensive, selfish, or immature. All of this can be perceived before you even walk through the door of that office building or restaurant so if you want to make a good impression, come to Prime Car Wash to get your Car Wash & Detailing Fishers service.

Why Prime Car Wash 

Prime Car Wash is a locally owned and operated small business car wash that services cars all across central Indiana. We just opened a new location down in Jacksonville, Florida, and hope to have the capability one day to reach further than we ever have before. Our goal is to brighten your day and your car with our services. If you are interested in our Car Wash & Detailing Fishers services contact us today! We look forward to servicing your car!