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Car Wash Membership Fishers

How often do you get your car washed? Once a month? Maybe once every two months? You know it’s something you should do regularly to keep up your car’s performance and maintenance, so why are you putting it off? The most common reasons people put off washing their car is money and time. Car washes are costly and usually only get the exterior clean. Cleaning the inside of your car is a time-consuming chore and the results don’t usually last very long. Getting a Car Wash Membership Fishers from Prime Car Wash not only keeps your car clean inside and out, it’s can also help you save big on car washes.

Visit Prime Car Wash’s Fishers location at 13801 Olivia Way, near the corner of Southeastern Parkway and Olio Road to experience the Prime Car Wash difference. Once you’re a satisfied car wash customer, ask about our memberships to see how you can keep your car clean and save big on car washes!

Some Car wash Packages at Prime Car Wash Include Towel DryingIs A Car Wash Membership Worth the Money?

You might be thinking: car washes are expensive as it is, why should I invest in a membership when I barely visit the car wash as it is? And for most car wash facilities, that’s probably the case. Getting the car wash membership probably doesn’t save you that much in the long run. But at Prime Car Wash, we make sure you get your monies worth of clean. We have three packages available for membership that we guarantee is worth it and provide more value than any other car wash. We’re going to do the math for you on our 180 Wash, 360 Wash, and Elite Wash memberships packages.

180 Wash Membership

The 180 Wash is for people who only want the exterior of their vehicle cleaned. Just a quick in and out of the wash bay whenever their car gets dirty. A regular 180 Wash cost $12. With a membership, you get unlimited exterior car washes for $30. If you get your car washed at least two-and-a-half times in a month, your membership is paid for.

360 Wash Membership

The 360 Wash is where we really put your money to work. For $25 a wash, you will not only get your exterior cleaned, but your interior will be cleaned by our professional detailing staff as well. Your car will also get plus towel-dried, interior vacuumed, and interior windows cleaned. When you sign up for the 360 Wash Car Wash Membership Fishers, you’ll pay $50 a month to get your entire car cleaned inside and out! As long as you visit Prime Car Wash twice a month, your membership is paid for! Similar washes at other car wash facilities cost about the same, but do not include interior cleaning. They add on services like wheel brightening that and waxing that come standard in our 180 wash. So stop going to those car washes and get more for your money at Prime Car Wash.

Elite Wash Membership

Our Elite Wash is the best bang for your buck. With all the services from the 180 Wash and 360 Wash and added features for $39 a car wash. Your exterior and interior will be cleaned, but you’ll also get dash and console wiped down, door jams cleaned, 4 floor mats cleaned, seats wiped clean, carnauba wax and a fresh interior fragrance. Basically, every time you visit a Prime Car Wash you whole car will be cleaned ridiculously well. And if it’s not clean enough, you can always add on detailing services to your Elite Wash. An Elite Wash Membership is $70 a month. If you get your car washed more than twice a month, you’re making your money back and then some from your car wash membership.

Who Should Sign Up for A Car Wash Membership Fishers?

There are many benefits to having a clean car. Dirty cars can be a safety hazard to the driver or other cars on the road. If your windows, lights, and mirrors are dirty they can severely impact your visibility. Your car’s value will also be maintained over time if you clean your car more frequently. Pets, children, and packing your car full frequently will add more ware and tare and on your vehicle.

If you’re a single person who just doesn’t clean their car very often, not only are car wash memberships a good investment for the longevity of your vehicle. If you sign up for a car wash membership, you’ll be prompted to visit the car wash more. You’re spending money on a membership, the only way you’re going to make your money worth it is by going to the car wash more. It’s that simple. Get a car wash membership. Take your car to the car wash more. Improve the safety and lifespan of your car.

Not only will memberships encourage you to visit a car wash more frequently, but you can also save big by adding additional vehicles to your membership or subscribing to annual plans. If you sign up for any of our annual Car Wash Membership plans, you only pay for 10 months out of the year, not twelve. You get two months of unlimited car washes for free!

For most of our membership plans, adding a second vehicle is easy and comes at a discounted price. Get all your vehicles expertly cleaned by the Prime Car Wash team.

Cars that have Car Wash Membership Fishers are much cleaner than cars that don'tSign Up for a Car Wash Membership Fishers from Prime Car Wash

Visit Prime Car Wash’s Fishers location at 13801 Olivia Way to sign up for a Prime Car Wash Membership Fishers today. We are located near the corner of Southeastern Parkway and Olio Road between Starbucks and Dairy Queen. Experience the Prime Car Wash difference and enjoy riding in a clean car more often.