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Car Wash Membership Greenwood

You’re invited to be a member of an exclusive club. This club is for people who love to keep their cars clean throughout the year. Some people might find you nit-picky, but you don’t care. It’s your car, it should be as clean as you want it. If you’re ready for a consistently clean car, bumper-to-bumper, inside and out, then you need to sign up for a Car Wash Membership Greenwood from Prime Car Wash.

If you’re ready to experience a whole new kind of clean, then visit Prime Car Wash at 8919 S Emerson Ave near the corner of Emerson and County Line Road. We’re near Kroger. Once you’re a member, you can have your car washed at our Greenwood or any Central Indiana locations.

Three Levels of Car Wash MembershipPrime Car Wash Membership Greenwood Packages

At Prime Car Wash, we pride ourselves as a “flex Service Car Wash.” This is a concept that allows us to offer all the quality services of a traditional full-service car wash along with the speed and services of an exterior-only car wash. You can customize your wash to your preferred level of clean, and with our Car Wash Membership Greenwood, you can keep it to that level of clean easily. Check out our different membership plans at various price points.

180 Wash

Our 180 Wash is our exterior only wash. For $12, your car will be treated to a complete soft cloth wash, wheel brite, hand applied tire shine, triple foam conditioner, undercarriage, rust inhibitor, sealer wax, total body protectant, and towel dry. You would have to pay extra for some of these things at other car washes. At Prime Car Wash they are all included for less.

When you sign up for a 180 Wash Car Wash Membership Greenwood, you’ll pay $29.99 a month. When you sign up for an annual membership, we’ll give you 2 months of car washes for free. That’s right, you’ll only have to pay $299.90 for 12 months of car washes.

360 Wash

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Cars don’t just get dirty on the outside, they get dirty inside too. If you have kids and pets in your car frequently, you know how hard it is to keep up with the mess inside your car. Prime Car Wash can help with our 360 Wash. The 360 Wash includes all the exterior cleaning services in the 180 Wash plus, interior vacuuming, window cleaning, and door jams cleaned. These cleanings will keep your car’s interior in good shape and will help extend the life of your vehicle.

One 360 Wash is $25, but when you sign up for a 360 Car Wash Membership Greenwood package, you’ll pay $49.99 a month. Experts say you should clean your car every 2 weeks to help maintain its performance and extend its life. We’ve done the math for you. If you bring in your car every 2 weeks, then your car will be cleaned twice a month. If you bring your car to Prime Car Wash more than twice a month, you’ll be getting car washes for free! Not only that, we also offer more discounts for annual memberships. For $499.90 a month, you’ll get two months of free 360 Washes. That’s an interior and exterior clean for a conveniently low price.

Elite Wash

For those that want an exterior clean and a superior interior clean, then the Elite Wash is for you. The Elite Wash includes all the services in the 180 and 360 washes, plus dash and console wiped down, 4 floor mats cleaned, seats wiped clean, carnuba wax, and a fresh fragrance. Now that’s a clean car for a great price that you can’t find anywhere else.

Not only that, Elite Wash members will save as well. One Elite Wash is $39, but when you sign up for an annual membership, you only pay $699.90 for the year. That means if you washed your car 18 times in a year, your membership will be paid for.

More Benefits of Joining Prime Car Wash Membership Greenwood

Not only do people who sign up for Car Wash Membership Greenwood get an extremely clean car whenever they want it, but they’ll also get benefits that make Prime Car Wash so desirable. Members are also treated to free coffee in any of our lounges. We also send special promotions dedicated to you.

Towel dry comes standard in all levels of Car Wash Membership Greenwood

Prime Car Wash also provides detailing services for anyone who purchases a 360 or Elite Wash. You can add these services ala carte to take care of specific issues, or you can get your car completely detailed. Our complete detail service comes with a $50 discount for Prime Car Wash members. Members can also save big when they add a second vehicle to their membership. Your spouse or roommate will love having a car as consistently clean as yours.

Take Advantage of Car Wash Membership Greenwood Discounts Now

Not only can you save big on the interior and exterior car cleanings, but we can also have added a new incentive to sign up. We are now offering 50% off the first month on all levels of Car Wash Membership Greenwood now. Today is a great day to sign up for a Prime Car Wash Membership. Visit any of our Central Indiana locations to learn more and to sign up to become a Prime Car Wash member today.