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Car Wash Membership Zionsville

It’s so hard to keep a car clean when you’re transporting kids or pets often. Kids leave crumbs and messes in the back seat. Dog hair has a tendency to weave into the fabric of your seats. Cleaning the interior of your vehicle is hard enough as it is, and when you do clean it, it seems like it never seems clean for long before it’s dirty all over again. If you’re sick of cleaning the interior of your car frequently, then you should sign up for a Car Wash Membership Zionsville.

Now if you’re thinking that a car wash membership would only keep the outside of your car clean, think again. At Prime Car Wash some of our memberships include interior vehicle cleaning. Imagine paying a regular monthly fee to have your car cleaned inside and out anytime you want. If you’re a parent, it almost sounds too good to be true. But that is the Prime Car Wash difference. We know that just because a car is clean on the outside, doesn’t mean the inside is. Visit one of our Prime Car Wash locations and see the deep clean difference for yourself!

Car Wash Membership Zionsville

At Prime Car Wash, Some of Our Car Wash Membership Zionsville include interior cleaningPrime Car Wash is your one-stop-shop for a complete car cleaning. Most car washes only clean the outside of your car. You’re expected to do the rest. Vacuuming your car at home is difficult chore and vacuums at other car washes suck up your money. Save time and money when it comes to getting your car clean. Sign up for a Car Wash Membership Zionsville. Your car will be so clean, you’ll feel like you’re driving a new car after every visit.

Not only will a clean car be a better environment for your passengers, but a clean car is also a safe car. Having a clear windshield, bright headlights, and clean mirrors will keep you and all of your precious cargo safe. Regular car washes also help maintain your car’s value. When you’re ready to trade in the family-mobile for a sportier model, you’ll get more money from your old vehicle if it’s been preserved properly.

You might be thinking that even If it would be nice to have your car cleaned frequently, but car washes are expensive. At Prime Car Wash, we make sure you get your monies worth of clean. We’ve done the math for you too. If you use any of our car wash packages at least twice a month, you’ll make your membership money back. And the savings only get better! When you sign up for an annual membership you will only be charged for 10 months, not 12. You get 2 months free when you purchase a year’s worth of car washes. If you don’t have a membership, your monthly budget for car washes might fluctuate based on the messes in your car.  With a car was membership, no matter how many times you visit, you’ll only be charged one price.

Car Wash Membership Packages

At Prime Car Wash, we have three different Car Wash Membership Zionsville packages to choose form. If you find that you don’t wash your car that often but want to get in the habit of taking better care of your vehicle, our 180 Wash  Package is a great place to start. For $30 a month, the exterior of your vehicle can be washed whenever you want.

A Car with an Car Wash Membership is a Happy CarOur 180 Wash Membership Includes complete soft cloth wash, wheel brite, hand-applied tire shine, triple foam conditioner, undercarriage, rust inhibitor, sealer wax, and total body protection. Your car will be sparkling like its brand new.

Our 360 Wash Membership comes with everything included in the 180 Wash, plus interior cleaning services such as towel drying, interior vacuuming, and interior window cleaning. You won’t find anything close to this at any other Carmel car wash.

The Elite Wash Membership is for people who want to always feel like they’re driving a brand-new car. You’ll receive all the services from the 180 Wash and 360 Wash, as well as: dash and console wipe down, cleaning door jams, cleaning of 4-floor maps, cleaning of seats, carnauba wax and a fresh interior fragrance. If you find your car still isn’t up to your standard of clean, with an Elite Wash you can add on any of our detailing services.

Visit Prime Car Wash in Zionville Today!

If you haven’t experienced the Prime Car Wash difference, come visit us. We have locations all over Central Indiana, but our Carmel location at 9805 North Michigan Road by the intersection of 465 and 421 is the closest for our Zionsville customers. Once you see how much cleaner your car is compared to any other car wash, you’ll want to sign up for a Car Wash Membership Zionsville. You can use your membership at any of our locations and keep your car looking good as new.