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Car Wash Subscription Fishers

You subscribe to newspapers, cable packages, and even clothing boxes. With a subscription, you pay a regular amount and expect reliable service whenever you need it. It seems like you can subscribe to anything these days. Meal prep kits, clothing boxes, the book of the month clubs are all subscription-based. Did you know washing your car could be subscription-based too? At Prime Car Wash we offer Car Wash Subscription Fishers packages that can be used at any Prime Car Wash location as often as you want!

Visit our Fishers location at 13801 Olivia Way near the corner of Southeastern Parkway and Olio Road between Starbucks and Dairy Queen to learn more about our memberships today!

What You Can Expect from Prime Car Wash

At Prime Car Wash, we think of ourselves as a “flex service car wash.” That means that we offer all the quality services of a traditional full-service car wash along with the speed and services of an exterior-only wash. Your car isn’t just cleaned on the outside, we can thoroughly clean the inside for you too. Our subscription plans make it easy to customize to clean perfect for your needs.

We have three levels of membership at Prime Car Wash, and each includes more cleaning features than the last. With the Car Wash Subscription Fishers of your choice, it’s easy to upgrade to a more detailed cleaning with limited cost to you.

Car Wash Subscription Fishers Packages From Prime Car Wash

Other car wash subscriptions only clean the exterior of the vehicle. Adding on other exterior cleanings can make the price of your car wash go up fast. You could pay $20 at another car wash to get all the cleaning features of our $12 exterior wash. Those are some big savings! At $25, our 360 Wash includes all the exterior wash features, plus interior vacuuming, window cleaning, and door jams cleaning. That’s only $5 more than what you would pay at another car wash to get all the exterior services, plus an interior cleaning you don’t have to do yourself.

For $39, your car will be treated to the paramount Prime Car Wash cleaning. All the cleanings listed above, plus floor mats, dash, console, and seats wiped clean. Your car will also get carnuba wax and a fresh fragrance sprayed in your interior. This is what makes taking your car to Prime Car Wash not only the best cleaning in town, but it’s also the best value.

Benefits of Car Wash Subscription Fishers

Interior detailing is one of the values for our Car Wash Subscription Fishers MembersThe values don’t stop at Prime Car Wash. We want you to drive around in a clean car that you love. Clean cars last longer than dirty ones, and we want to make you a customer for life. Not only do you save on a superior clean at Prime Car Wash, but you can also save big with our Car Wash Subscription Fishers Packages.

We’ve done the math for you too. If you sign up for any of our car wash subscription packages and wash your car at least twice a month, you’ll make your membership money back! And the savings only get better when you sign up for an annual membership. Annual memberships only charge for 10 months, not 12. You get 2 months free when you purchase a year’s worth of car washes. When your spouse sees how clean your vehicle is on a regular basis, they’ll want to be a member too. Most of our membership packages offer a discount on the second vehicle.

But probably the best think about our Car Wash Subscription Fishers packages is the access to our detailing services. As long as you subscribe to our 360 Wash Package or higher, you can add on any of our ala carte detailing services to your car wash. You can choose from carpet shampooing, seat treatment, hard surface cleaning, and hand waxing all for a one-time additional fee.

After a road trip or a muddy soccer tournament, your car might need an intense interior cleaning. Prime members get a $50 discount on our complete detailing service. If you’re not a member you can still experience our complete detailing service with the purchase of a 360 wash anytime you want. Once you experience an interior car cleaning from Prime Car Wash, you’ll want to sign up for the membership right away.

Visit Prime Car Wash in Fishers Today For A Superior Clean

At Prime Car Wash, we’re here for you to create the clean of your dreams. Your car will always feel new when you sign up for a Car Wash Subscription Fishers. Bring your car in as often as you want throughout the month.  We’ll make sure your car is just as clean as you want it every time.

We have locations all over central Indiana that you can use your membership pass at, but our Fishers location at 13801 Olivia Way is probably the closest to you. Contact us today or stop by one of our facilities to learn more.