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Car Wash Subscription Greenwood

Keeping your car clean is easy with a Car Wash Subscription GreenwoodIt seems like you can subscribe to anything these days. Streaming services, cable packages, newspapers were all kinds of subscriptions we grew up with. Now you can get groceries, clothes, and make-up delivered to you on a regular basis through a subscription. And why not? With subscriptions, you usually save money to have a reliable service. At Prime Car Wash, we thought to ourselves, would people like to sign up for a Car Wash Subscription Greenwood?

The response has been overwhelming, and once you subscribe for a membership at Prime Car Wash, the savings don’t stop at free car washes. Members also get discounts on upgrades and adding more vehicles. To learn more about our Car Wash Subscription Greenwood, visit our Prime Car Wash location at 8919 Emerson Ave near the corner of Emerson and County Line Road next to Starbucks.

Free Car Washes?

Yes, you read that right. Free car washes are one of the many benefits Prime Car Wash Members receive when they sign up for an annual Car Wash Subscription Greenwood. Members-only pay for 10 months of car washes, not 12. So you get 2 free months of car washes for free!

Not only that, members save big compared to other car wash clubs. At most car washes, you only pay for exterior cleaning. You may pay extra for things like wheel brightener or wax. At Prime Car Wash, we got beyond cleaning the outside of your car. Our car wash packages include interior cleanings as well. Based on which package you choose, our technicians will vacuum your carpets, clean your windows, wipe down your seats, and clean your door jams.

Car Was Subscription Greenwood Packages

But the savings don’t stop there! If you’re thinking that you don’t visit the car wash nearly enough to make a membership worth it, think again. We’ve done the math for you: if you visit the car wash twice a month (or every 2 weeks as commonly recommended), your car wash package will be worth it. Our 360 Wash comes with exterior washing and interior cleaning for $25. For membership, you’ll pay $50 a month for a superior clean.

Did we mention that there’s no limit to how many washes you can do in a month? Bring your car in every time you drive under a flock of birds or park under a flowering tree. We’ll wash it bumper to bumper, inside and out.

Detailing Services

Get the custom clean your car needs with a Car Wash Subscription GreenwoodAt Prime Car Wash, we think of ourselves as a “flex service car wash.” That means that we offer all the quality services of a traditional full-service car wash along with the speed and services of an exterior-only wash. This includes our detailing services which can be easily added to your Car Wash Subscription Greenwood package.

If you sign up for our 360 or Elite wash subscriptions, you can get complete detailing done on your vehicle for $50 less than the non-member price. Complete detailing includes hand wax, carpet shampooing, seat treatment, and hard surface cleaning along with all the other cleaning services that are included in the 360 wash or Elite Wash.

You can also add personalized detailing treatments to your interior cleaning ala carte. Imagine mixing and matching services each time you come in. One time you might get your car and add on wheel bling, and the next time you get your car washed you get your door, dash, and console treated. Your car will be so clean you’ll never want it to get dirty again.

Discounts on Second Vehicles

If you haven’t experienced a Prime Car Wash clean for yourself yet, now is the time to do so. We bet you’ll be so impressed that you’ll come back again, and again, and eventually, you’ll be back here so often that you might start thinking of signing up for a Car Wash Subscription Greenwood.

If your spouse has their own vehicle, or maybe you have a winter rat that is overdue for a cleaning, then there’s more good news for you. Prime Car Wash members can add a second vehicle at a discount on most plans. The savings are not only great for you, but they’ll also get passed on to any other vehicles in your home.

Sign Up For A Car Was Subscription Greenwood Today

Interior cleanings are included with most Car Wash Subscription Greenwood Packages

So if you’re considering signing up for a Car Wash Subscription Greenwood now is a perfect time to do it! Start your New Year’s resolution to clean your car more and you’ll be happy every time you drive it. With a subscription, it might be the easiest resolution to stick with.

Visit Prime Car Wash in Greenwood at 8919 Emerson Ave today to sign up for a car wash membership. Your membership is good at any of our Prime Car Wash locations around central Indiana. Feel free to visit a store to ask questions, or contact us today.