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Car Washing Avon

Prime Car Wash knows that you have a choice when it comes to Car Washing Avon. There are lots of different car washes out there that include cleaning everything from your underbody to your roof rack. But when you need the interior of your car cleaned too, you’re most likely left to do it yourself. That’s where Prime Car Wash comes in. Our packages include all the exterior cleaning services other car washes do, as well as impressive interior cleaning and detailing too!

Experience the Prime Car Wash difference for yourself by visiting our Avon location at 9032 East U.S. 36 near the Walmart Supercenter. 

Car Washing Avon Packages From Prime Car Wash

At Prime Car Wash, we offer 3 levels of Car Washing Avon to choose from. Now you might be concerned that a car wash that promises interior and exterior cleaning might take a long time, or won’t do as thorough of a job. We like to think of Prime Car Wash as a “Flex Service Car Wash.” This is a concept that allows us to offer all the quality services of a traditional full-service car wash along with the speed and services of an exterior-only car wash. Detailing services can take up some time, but a full-service wash with interior cleaning won’t take much longer than going through any other car wash.

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180 Wash

When you visit a competing car wash, you can choose an extra exterior-only cleaning for an additional fee. Services like extra tire bright, or underbody cleaning cost extra.

At Prime Car Wash, we decided to include all the cleaning services you’d normally pay extra for, for one affordable price. No more picking and choosing, it’s all included so your car is guaranteed to look its best. For $12, your car will receive a complete soft cloth wash, wheel brite, hand-applied tire shine, triple foam conditioner, undercarriage, rust inhibitor, sealer wax, total body protectant, and towel dried. Now that’s a great deal!

360 Wash

Cleaning the inside of your car is a chore that needs to be done, but no one wants to do it. You might not have the right tools or cleaners to make your car feel like it’s brand new. Luckily, at Prime Car Wash, we have all the right chemicals and products to not only make your interior look great, but can help preserve the life of your car.

Our 360 Wash cleans your car inside and out. You’ll get all the services of the 180 wash plus, interior vacuuming, interior window cleaning, and your door jams cleaned. If this level of cleanliness isn’t enough for you, then you’re in luck. With the purchase of a 360 Wash or higher, you can add on any of our detailing services.  You can go with a complete detailing, or address problem areas like carpet shampooing or a leather seat dressing. The cleaning possibilities are endless at Prime Car Wash.

Elite Wash

The Elite Wash is the most inclusive of our car washes. It includes all the exterior cleaning power of the 180 wash, and then the interior cleaning of the 360 Wash, plus more! When you purchase an Elite Wash, your car will also be treated to dash and console wipe, floor mats cleaned, seats wiped clean, carnuba wax, and a fresh fragrance.

Like the 360 Wash, you may also add on detail services, but we bet you’ll be impressed with the level of cleanliness the Elite Wash provides. If you enjoy a clean car more than a dirty one, then sign up for our Car Washing Avon Memberships to help keep it feeling brand new. Signing up for membership has its benefits. Annual members get 2 free months of washes and adding a second car comes at a discount. Once you sign up for Prime Car Wash memberships, you’ll have a whole fleet of clean vehicles.

Visit Prime Car Wash in Avon Today

Experience your first Car Washing Avon today at Prime Car Wash. You can drive in or make an appointment, whichever works best for you.  If you are planning on adding detailing services, making an appointment is a smart idea. You can wait in one of our lounges or come back and pick your car up when it’s done.

Visit any one of our central Indiana Prime Car Wash locations. Our Avon location is at 9032 East U.S. 36 near Walmart. We look forward to seeing you!