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Car Washing Carmel

Car Washing Carmel from Prime Car WashIt seems like many Americans are using their vacation time to hit the road. With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, many are opting to travel in the safety of their own cars without worry about catching a disease from other passengers. When you finally return home, you may notice your car is not as clean as when you left. Taking long road trips puts miles, as well as wear and tear, on your vehicle. You can help maintain your car’s life when you get Car Washing Carmel from Prime Car Wash.

Prime Car Wash in Carmel is located on Michigan Road near Super Target. Book your appointment now, or drive up to any of our Prime Car Wash locations for a superior car cleaning after a road trip.

Car Washing Carmel Will Refresh Your Vehicle After A Long Road Trip

Bugs, birds, and other road debris make your vehicle look like a mess. When you get out of the car you’ll quickly find out how dirty your car actually is. Getting your car washed at the end of your trip can help reduce future wear and tear so it’s ready to go on your next vacation.

These are some reasons why Car Washing Carmel at Prime Car Wash is good for your vehicle, especially after a road trip.

A Clean Car Is A Safe Car

Keep your car looking fresh with Car Washing Carmel from Prime Car WashBug splatter and bird droppings on your windshield aren’t only an eyesore to look at, they can be an eyesore to look through. When bugs and debris never seem to come off with your windshield wipers alone. You may opt to clean your windshield at a gas station if they have a squeegee and fluid, but that usually doesn’t last long. As a driver, you have to constantly see the mess on your windshield, but you don’t see how dirty your headlights and grill are until you get out of the car.

Dirty headlights, mirrors, and windshields can impair the driver’s visibility. Especially at night. It’s important to not let bits of bugs accumulate for the safety of everyone in the vehicle.  For those looking for a superior Car Washing Carmel that can remove the grossest of debris, then Prime Car Wash’s 180 exterior-only wash is just what you’re looking for.  At most car washes, you would have to pay extra for exterior cleaning services for the underbody of your car, wheel cleaning, and waxing. At Prime Car Wash, all of these services are included in our basic car wash for $12.

Car Washing Helps Maintain Your Car’s Value

Exterior car washes help maintain your car’s value by protecting it from rust. Clearing away junk from the road can also help with the air you breathe in your vehicle. Car Washing Carmel helps clear your car’s intake from obnoxious road fumes and prevents odors from lingering.

In fact, lingering odors can permeate your car’s seats and carpeting. That’s why many people also like to clean out the interior of their vehicles after a road trip, however, it is hard to find a car wash that will clean both the inside and outside of your vehicle for one convenient price.

That’s where Prime Car Wash comes in. For $25, your car can be treated to the 360 Wash.  The 360 Wash Package includes interior vacuuming, window cleaning, and door jam cleaning are all included on top of all the services included in the 180 wash. With the purchase of a 360 Wash, you can add on any of our detailing services for a minimum charge. You can have your car completely detailed or have our service team focus on specific problem areas. We give you the option to easily customize your desired level of cleanliness.

Disinfect and Sanitize

Car Washing Carmel Packages from Prime Car Wash include interior and exterior cleaningKids are sticky and messy. If your kids have made the back seat of your car look like a war zone, then you’ll need to get your car over to Prime Car Wash for the Elite Wash.  This Car Washing Carmel package is $39, and it includes all the exterior cleaning of the 180 Wash, all the interior cleaning of the 360 Wash, plus dash and console wipe down, cleaning of seats and floor mats, and a fresh fragrance and carnuba wax.

With the purchase of an Elite Wash or Detail Service, your car is wiped down with an active germicidal disinfectant cleaner and deodorant designed for general cleaning of hard, inanimate surfaces. The use of active germicide makes it highly effective against a wide variety (broad‐spectrum) of pathogenic microorganisms including bacteria, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, and mildew. Making your car feel as good as new.

Make Your Car Washing Carmel Appointment Today

You have many choices when it comes to Car Washing Carmel services, but does every car wash in Carmel offer packages that include interior and exterior cleaning? After a long car trip, you should have your vehicle cleaned thoroughly so it will be clean and safe the next time you drive it. Visit Prime Car Wash’s Carmel location at 9805 N, Michigan Road near Super Target today!