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Car Washing & Detailing Indianapolis

Whether it is the heat of the summer or the bitter cold of winter, keeping your car clear of salt, dirt, and mud should be a priority for Hoosiers. Car Washing & Detailing Indianapolis services at Prime Car Wash can do all of that for you and more. If you need your car washed and detailed, contact Prime Car Wash today to schedule your appointment at a location near you

5 Additional Services to Add to Your Car Washing & Detailing Indianapolis Service 

Car Washing & Detailing Indianapolis serviceThe basic plan for a Car Washing & Detailing Indianapolis service includes a triple foam wash, wheel bright, and a towel dry, but sometimes you just need more! Prime Car Wash offers multiple add-on services to your car washing and detailing service. 

  • Prime Wheel Bling (Member and Non-Member Price- $69)
    Wheel bling repels dust, dirt, and debris from your brakes. Prime Car Wash’s wheel bling is a film-forming process that cures your wheels while protecting them against harmful contaminants and gives your wheel that extra bit of bling!

  • Prime Door, Dashboard, and Console Dressing (Member and Non-Member Price- $15)
    A Prime Car Wash Door, Dashboard, and Console dressing is a deep cleaning of those areas in your car. Dirt and grime can build up over time in those areas and it is a good idea to regularly get it cleaned. At $15, you can’t compete with other companies.

  • Prime Clay Bar Wax (Member Price – $100/ Non-Member Price- $120)
    Clay bar wax is a great detailing tool. It can remove everything from tree sap and bird droppings to dust and typical road grime. This kind of wax is gentle on your car’s paint while thoroughly removing all of the dirt and grime collected on your car. This kind of waxing service gives your car a superior wax and polish thanks to its effective cleaning properties, it will create a better seal on your paint. You won’t be disappointed!

  • Prime Trim Restoration (Estimated on Site) 
    As the years go by, the plastic interior of your car can be discolored and stained. With Prime Car Wash’s trim restoration, the interior trim of your car can look as good as new, and it will help you maintain the value of your car. Depending on how much restoration work your car’s interior will need will depend on how much it will cost. We take pride in all of our projects and handle all of our clients’ vehicles with confidence and care.

  • Prime Hand Wax (Member- $49/ Non-Member $69) 
    Getting your car waxed is a great way to preserve the paint and clear coat on your car, and Prime Car Wash has a hand waxing service that will give you an even distribution of wax all across your car. At Prime Car Wash, we don’t use machine waxing with this service. Though it is a faster approach to waxing a car, that doesn’t mean it is more efficient. Machine waxing can cause the wax application to be uneven. 

Prime Car Wash is the place to go for a thorough Car Washing & Detailing Indianapolis service. Aside from these additional add-on services, we have a lot more you can choose from on our website.  

Perks of Being a Prime Car Wash Member 

Being a member of Prime Car Wash has a lot of great perks, but the most important and most popular reason to become a Prime Car Wash member is the savings you get. If you are someone who regularly gets car washing and detailing services, then you should consider being a member of us to save big money with every cleaning. 

Prime Car Wash has three separate membership options you can choose from, the first is the basic membership. The basic unlimited membership includes triple foam cleaning, wheel bright, tire shine, and towel drying for only $19.99 per month. For an additional $30 you can also get interior cleaning. 

The next level of membership you can get is the pro unlimited membership. The pro membership includes everything that the basic has, but it also has an underbody cleaning and clear coat. The price for the pro membership is $29.99 per month, but if you add on the interior cleaning it will be $59.98 per month. 

The highest level of membership for you is the elite unlimited membership. This membership is the filet mignon of memberships at Prime Car Wash. This plan includes everything the basic and the pro plan has to offer, but it comes with ceramic sealant and hot wax. The price for this plan is $39.99 per month, and if you want to throw in the interior cleaning, it is $69.98 per month.  

Interested in becoming a member? Check out our perks and sign up today! 

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