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Car Washing Zionsville

Due to the pandemic, people have been commuting less. They’re working from home, and making larger shopping trips so they have to go out less frequently. This lack of commuting is good for many reasons, but it can cause issues for your car.  Making a habit of getting Car Washing Zionsville on a regular basis, may have more benefits than you realize, even when you’re not driving your car.

Prime Car Wash near Zionsville is located at 9805 North Michigan Road by the intersection of 465 and 421 near Super Target. Your car will appreciate some attention.

Many of Prime Car Washes Zionsville include interior cleaningBenefits of Car Washes Zionsville

Everyone knows that Car Washing Zionsville keeps your car looking good, but car washes also keep your car safe.  Regular car washes clean headlights, windows, and mirrors so you can navigate the road clearly on the darkest of nights. Regular car washes also prevent rust from spreading. This is especially important for your undercarriage or places under your car where rust could be growing, but you can’t see it.

On average, a car should be washed every 2 weeks. This maintains the paint and finishes on your car as well as looking good. And if you find that two weeks is hard to keep up with, then Prime Car Wash memberships might help you maintain a regular car wash cleaning schedule.  Here are some more reasons why it’s a good idea to clean your car on a regular schedule.

Post-Road-Trip Cleaning

Many Americans have taken to the roads this year to mitigate their risk of catching COVID-19. After driving for long stretches of time, your car will attract bugs, bird droppings, and other road debris. All this wear and tear on your vehicle isn’t good for the paint or visibility. Before returning to normal life, take your car to Prime Car Wash to bring it back to its pre-road trip glory.

At Prime Car Wash, we have 3 different tiers of Car Washing Zionsville to choose from. Our basic 180 Wash is your standard exterior-only car wash, except we include all the details other car washes charge you extra for. Wheel Brite, Sealer wax, and Rust Inhibitor all come standard on our $12 car wash. Your car will look good as new and it will navigate the road better with less dust and debris wearing it down.

Deep clean inside and out

Car Washes Zionsville from Prime Car Wash can have detailing added to them

Picking up take-out in your car is a great idea for those who hate to cook. But if your car has been sitting in your garage for weeks after the last time you got take-out, you might find that pizza smells still lingers. When you drive your car air circulates throughout your system, helping smells dissipate. When your car sits idle in your garage for weeks, those smells can permeate into your seats.

Luckily, Prime Car Wash makes it easy to get these odors out of your car for good. Our second tier Car Washing Zionsville offering is the 360 Wash, which includes interior and exterior cleaning of your car for $25. Just enjoy coffee in our lounge while our team vacuums, and cleans your car’s door jams and windows. Our service team does all the hard work so you don’t have to, saving you time and money.

Protect your passenegers

Car Washes Zionsville help protect your car's finish and promote visibilityIf you’re a ride-share driver, caregiver, or soccer mom, you may have a lot of passengers in your car throughout the day. You wouldn’t want the germs from one passenger affecting your future passengers right?  Having your car cleaned, not just on the outside, but on the inside can increase the safety of your passengers. An exterior clean keeps the driver’s visibility crisp, and an interior clean will help prevent the spread of germs between passengers.

The top tier of Car Washing Zionsville from Prime Car Wash is the Elite Wash. For $39, your car will get all the exterior and interior cleaning services of the 180 Wash and the 360 Wash, plus floor mats cleaned, seats wiped clean, and a fresh fragrance.

If you want your car cleaned more intensely than the Elite Wash, Prime Car Wash offers detailing services. These services can be customized to address problem areas or the entire car can get a complete detail service. All Elite Washes or detailing services come complete with a car surface sanitizer, disinfectant, and deodorizer which is highly effective against bacteria, mold, and viruses.

Visit Prime Car Wash in Zionsville Today

Whether it’s mud or dust on your car, it’s a good idea to start your engine occasionally to make ensure your car is operating well. Treat your car to an extra special car wash at Prime Car Wash today. Our Car Washing Zionsville will help preserve your car’s value whether you’re driving it frequently or not.

Visit our Zionsville location at 9805 North Michigan Road today, or schedule your car wash or detailing appointment now.