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Complete Car Detailing Noblesville

Complete Car Detailing Noblesville From Prime Car WashThere’s nothing like getting a brand-new car. It shines, there is no dirt, and who can forget that “new car smell?” Unfortunately, cars don’t keep their good-as-new qualities without proper maintenance and that can be a lot of work. If your car has premium features, like leather seats, that require even more care. You might consider detailing to make sure everything is cleaned properly. Getting a Complete Car Detailing Noblesville has never been easier than visiting Prime Car Wash.

Not only does Prime Car Wash offer exterior car washing, but we also offer car detailing! Visit our location at 14375 Mundy Drive between 146th and 141st street to see how Prime Car Wash can keep that “new car smell” lasting in your car for as long as possible.

Start With The 360 Wash

Here at Prime Car Wash, we offer a number of affordable car wash memberships and packages to keep your car clean inside and out. Our packages are designed to meet your car’s needs. Run your car through our state-of-the-art wash bays for a vibrant exterior clean with our 180 Wash. Or, have your car vacuumed and wiped down for you when you get a 360 Wash. But our Elite Wash is what makes our customers come back again and again. Not only does a 360 wash include a thorough cleaning inside and out, with the purchase of a 360 Wash, but you can also add on any of our Complete Car Detailing Noblesville services.

At Prime Car Wash, we clean cars inside and out

The 360 Wash isn’t your traditional car wash. It’s much more than that. For $39, your car will go through our wash bay and receive a high-definition clean on the outside. Complete with soft cloth wash, wheel brite, hand-applied tire shire, triple foam conditioner, undercarriage cleaning, rust inhibitor, total body protectant, and towel dried. After that, we take your car into our service area to vacuum the interior, clean windows, door jams, and floor mats and wipe down the dash, console, and seats. To finish it off, we spray fragrance on the inside and give it a coat of carnuba wax on the outside. You’ll swear your car is brand new at the end of the 360 Wash.

Add on Detailing Services

If you’re surprised by all the work we pack into our 360 Wash Package, you’re not alone. Customers appreciate the value and the cleanliness that Prime Car Wash provides. But for some people, the 360 Wash is only the tip of the iceberg. Sure, their car is clean, but could it be cleaner?

With the purchase of a 360 Wash or higher, you can add on any of our Complete Car Detailing Noblesville services to your wash. Our detailing services are meant to enhance your Elite Wash so that we ensure we don’t miss anything and can make sure we get all those hard-to-clean nooks and crannies. Our complete Detailing package adds on a hand wax, carpet shampooing, seat treatment, and hard surface cleaning.

Sign up for a 360 Wash Membership at Prime Car Wash to keep your car feeling fresh for as long as possible. For $50 a month, every time you visit any Central Indiana Prime Car Wash location. Your car will get the 360 Wash, and you can add on the complete detailing package at a discount! Members take $50 off the complete detailing package at Prime Car Wash.

Customize your car’s detailing services to get the perfect amount of clean. Adding extra services has never been easier. Some of our extra detailing services include; Wheel Bling, Clay Barring/Compound to lift grit out of your clear coat so your car is always shiny, leather seat dressing, scuff removal, per hair removal, and surface sanitizing, disinfecting, and deodorizing. With a Prime Car Wash Membership, you can have your car washed as frequently as you want for one monthly price. One week you might get your wheels brightened, the next week you get your carpet shampooed. It’s up to you!

Visit Prime Car Wash in Noblesville Today

If your car is looking its age, but you wish it felt brand new, then bring your car to Prime Car Wash for our Complete Car Detailing Noblesville services today! Your car will look, feel, and smell like you just drove it off the lot.  Prime Car Wash has locations all over Indianapolis, but we primarily serve our Noblesville customers at our location on Mundy Drive between 146 and 141st streets. Visit our location or any of our other Prime Car Wash Locations today for a superior clean inside and out.