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Detailing Auto Indianapolis

Getting a Detailing Auto Indianapolis service from Prime Car Wash is not only great for your car’s health but also for your mental and physical health. Nothing is worse than having a dirty car and picking someone up. Using our cleaning services routinely will help you keep your car clean and smelling fresh. 

If you are interested in Prime Car Wash’s cleaning and detailing services, visit our website or contact us for more information! 

About Prime Car Wash 

Detailing Auto Indianapolis Prime Car Wash ServicePrime Car Wash is an expert in auto detailing and cleaning. We have Prime Car Wash locations all over the Hoosier state in places like Fishers, Carmel, Westfield, and Noblesville as well as a few other locations in Florida for our snowbird clients. You want what is best for your car and so do we. All of our locations are equipped with top-of-the-line cleaning supplies and machines. 

Included in our Detailing Auto Indianapolis service, for our pro members, you will receive a triple foam wash, wheel bright, underbody cleaning, clear coat, tire shine, and towel dry. This service is the medium-tier option for our clients and you can add more services at a discounted price if you are a Prime Car Wash member. Some of our services such as our pet hair removal or our scuff removal are estimated on-site at one of our locations. For more information about our pricing and detailing service, check out our services page.  

7 Benefits of a Detailing Auto Indianapolis Service 

Aside from the cleanliness of your car, you can expect there to be many great benefits to having your car routinely detailed by Prime Car Wash. 

  • Great First Impression
    Whether you are going on a first date, have an important meeting for work, or are a driver for a ride-sharing app, it is important to make a good first impression. With Prime Car Wash’s detailing service you are guaranteed to make a great first impression with anyone who steps foot in your car.

  • Reduces Stress and Gives You a Clearer Mind
    A clean space makes for a clean mind. When people think of having a clean space they usually think of their bedroom or living room, but did you know that in order to have a clean mind, you should also have a clean car? Having a detailed car will reduce stress, promote mental clarity, and enhance your focus.

  • Protects Against Harmful Contaminants
    Driving in a construction zone, dirt roads, or polluted air can cause your car to build up contaminants like tar, toxic pollutants, dirt, and pollen in and on your car. Prime Car Wash’s Detail Auto Indianapolis can get rid of all of those contaminants that you are breathing in. By doing this service, you can breathe better and your car will thank you for it. 

  • Increases Driving Safety
    Dust and dirt can build up on your windows. When this happens, the driver’s visibility can be obscured and potentially cause an accident. Don’t let something as small as a dirty windshield prevent you from driving safely and contact Prime Car Wash to schedule your detailing service today at a location near you!

  • Removes and Prevents Stains
    Nasty stains can occur from drink spills, mud, and pets, but that doesn’t mean you need to live with it. Regular detailing can prevent and clean stains in your car. Once Prime Car Wash is done detailing your car, it will look as good as new.

  • Maintains the Car’s Value
    As your car ages, paint will begin to chip, rust will occur on the underbody of your car, and your car’s interior will wear down. Routine detailing can preserve your car and maintain its value.

  • Disinfects Car’s Interior
    Tis’ the season for cold and flu. As the weather gets colder viruses and bacteria are floating around the air and lingering on surfaces. The best way to avoid getting a nasty cold is to have Prime Car Wash conduct our Detailing Auto Indianapolis service on your car. Our detailing services do a thorough job of disinfecting every surface inside and outside of your car. Who knows how many different types of germs and bacteria are on your steering wheel or seatbelts? Help prevent you and your family from getting sick this season. 

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