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Detailing Car Fishers

Are you a driver who is in search of a Detailing Car Fishers service? Look no further than Prime Car Wash! Prime Car Wash has all the latest technology when it comes to cleaning and detailing your car. As the seasons change from warm to cool, pollen, bacteria, and anything else that could cause you to feel sick or under the weather is swirling around in the cabin of your car, but don’t worry! When you get your car detailed at Prime Car Wash, you can say goodbye to all of those unwanted stains and those pesky allergens floating around because we have got you covered! Our cleaning technology is top-of-the-line and is guaranteed to not only get your car looking squeaky clean but also smell amazing, too! 

Prime Car Wash is a small business that provides services all across Indiana. For our clients located in Fishers, you can visit our location near Hamilton Town Center. If you are interested in setting up an appointment with us to detail your car, contact your local Prime Car Wash today! 

Why You Should Choose Prime Car Wash 

Prime Car Wash is locally owned and locally loved by everyone who uses our services. We are a company that cares about our customers and our community. We have done fundraisers for non-profit organizations and we are happy to give back to the community that believed in us. Our customers love how friendly our staff is and how efficiently we run. Our company standard is quality, experience, and speed of service. We strive to meet those standards every day we are open. 

Our concept for how we run our car wash is called a “Flex Service Car Wash”. With this concept, we can offer all the services of a traditional car wash, but we have the speed and services of an exterior-only car wash. Prime Car Wash’s detailing service is quick and completely up to you how you want to do it. Our car wash facilities are staffed with highly skilled technicians who are motivated to have your car look as good as the day it looked on the lot, but if you would prefer to work on your car instead, we also have stations where you can detail your car as well. We work efficiently and timely because we know that your time is precious. Our staff is trained in everything from exterior washing to Detailing Car Fishers services. 

Perks You Get as a Member When You Go With a Detailing Car Fishers Service 

Detailing Car Fishers with Prime Car WashWith Prime Car Wash’s Detailing Car Fishers services, there are three different unlimited membership plans of service you can get. The first membership plan is the Basic plan. The Basic plan will get you a triple foam, wheel bright, tire shine, and a towel dry. This plan starts at $9 for the first month and then jumps up to $19.99 a month. The second membership plan is the Pro plan. The Pro Plan involves a triple foam conditioner, wheel bright, underbody, clear coat, tire shine, and a towel dry. This plan starts at $14 for the first month, $19.99 for the next 4 months, and then jumps to $29.99 per month. The last membership plan is the Elite plan. The Elite plan includes a triple foam conditioner, wheel bright, underbody, clear coat, hot wax, ceramic sealant, tire shine, and a towel dry. This membership plan starts at $22 for the first month, $29.99 for the next 4 months, and then will jump up to $39.99. These plans do not include interior detailing and cleaning, but Prime Car Wash does offer an unlimited interior plan starting at $22 for the first month. This includes an interior vacuum, windows, dashboard, and cupholder cleaned, console cleaned and dressed, seats wiped down and dressed, floor mats cleaned, door jams cleaned, and a hint of fragrance to really tie it all together.  

Become a member of Prime Car Wash today to receive unlimited car washes and to better help the health of your car. If you are interested in scheduling a Detailing Car Fishers appointment don’t hesitate and do it today! 

Contact Prime Car Wash Today 

Prime Car Wash is the elite car washing company in all of Indiana! We are fast. We are efficient and we make sure your car is spotless when it leaves our lot once we are done with it. You can bet that you will get the best customer service and detailing. If you are interested in having your car cleaned and detailed, go to a Prime Car Wash near you! Contact us for any questions you may have about our services and pricing.