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Detailing Mobile Avon

mobile detailing avonDetailing your car has never been easier with Detailing Mobile Avon services at Prime Car Wash. Prime Car Wash offers mobile detailing to dealerships or private clients by appointment only.

We are the top place for Hoosiers to get their car detailed and clean. If you are in Avon and looking for a place that uses top-of-the-line cleaning products and excellent quality of service schedule your mobile detailing service today!

 Benefits of Detailing Mobile Avon

Your days can get hectic and busy– it happens to the best of us. Prime has the solution to keeping your car clean while keeping up with your busy schedule and it is our mobile detailing service. Our service includes: 

  • Removes and Prevents Stains 

Stains are well. . . the stains of the car. The inside of your car is just as important as the outside and should be properly taken care of.  Prime Car Wash’s mobile detailing service can scrub away the little messes in your car. You won’t ever have to see that stain that has been haunting your passenger seat for the past 5 years. Your interior will look almost as good if not better than the day you purchased your vehicle. 

  • Disinfects Interior Surfaces 

Though the cabin of your car has filtered air in it, that doesn’t mean contaminants like germs and bacteria can’t accumulate. You may not realize this but your vehicle is a breeding ground of microorganisms that can make you sick. When you choose to use Prime Car Wash’s Detailing Mobile Avon service, all of those nasty germs will be gone and your car will be clear of all contaminants. 

  • Maintains Car Value
    If you are thinking about selling or trading in your vehicle getting your car detailed before going to the dealership could make your car’s value worth more than if you didn’t. Getting your car cleaned and detailed at Prime Car Wash could make a huge difference when walking into the dealership.
  • Convenience 

Scheduling a mobile detailing service with Prime Car Wash eliminates the hassle of penciling in a time to take your car to the car wash and having it detailed. We understand life can get hectic and you should not have to sacrifice the cleanliness of your car. If you are an individual looking to get your car cleaned, all you have to do is schedule an appointment and we will meet you where you need us.

If you want to experience these benefits with your vehicle, contact Prime Car Wash today, or schedule your mobile detailing appointment!

How to Schedule Your Mobile Detailing Service

Whether you are a car dealership or a private individual, Prime Car Wash has made it easy to schedule your Detailing Mobile Avon appointment. Prime Car Wash has excellent customer service, top-of-the-line cleaning products, and high-end technology to give our customers the best cleaning experience possible.  Here is how you can schedule your mobile detailing appointment: 

  • State the Number and the Make/ Model of the Car(s)
  • Select Any Extra Services You Would Like Added To Your Detailing Service 
  • Choose a Time, Date, and Location 
  • Pay! 

We made scheduling your mobile detailing appointment easy, so what are you waiting for? Schedule it today!

Additional Services

Not only does Prime Car Wash deliver excellent car washing and detailing, but we also have additional services that you can opt to include when you choose to detail your car with us. A few of those services include:

  • Pet hair removal for those with pets that shed twice a year for 6 months at a time.
  • Vision Blade Windshield treatment so your windshield wipers don’t have to work overtime.
  • Clay bar compound to get invisible dirt and grime from the clear coat of your car– to protect and give your car an even brighter shine!

All of these services can either be added or included in an upgraded package. If you are interested in a mobile detailing service or any of Prime Car Wash’s other services, schedule your appointment or contact us today!

Contact Prime Car Wash Today!

Prime Car Wash has been cleaning and detailing cars all across Indiana. Hoosiers love how easy and efficient we are and we love helping Hoosiers keep their car fresh and tidy. With our Detailing Mobile Avon services, cleaning and detailing your vehicle has never been easier. If you are interested in getting your car cleaned and detailed or contacting us about our other car services, please contact us! We look forward to working with you!