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Detailing Mobile Carmel

Getting your car detailed has never been easier with Prime Car Wash’s Detailing Mobile Carmel service. Prime Car Wash will send a crew to your home or place of business to wash the interior and exterior of your vehicle. It is as easy as filling out our mobile car cleaning online booking form and selecting the services that interest you. Please note that the detailing mobile service is only for car dealerships and by appointment only.

Prime Car Wash has locations all throughout Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. If you’re in Carmel and need a detailing service, schedule an appointment with our highly-skilled technicians who use the best cleaning products. We want to make your car as clean as the first day you bought it.

What Does the Detailing Mobile Service Provide?

When getting a Prime Car Wash detailing mobile service, you get as much cleaning and detailing done as you would coming to a Prime Car Wash location. Included in this service is:

Detailing Mobile Carmel Services

  • Complete Exterior Wash
  • Wheel Bling
  • Carpet Shampooing
  • Interior Window Cleaning
  • Seat Treatment
  • Towel Dry
  • Hand-Applied Tire Shine and Wax
  • Interior Vacuuming
  • Door Jam Cleaning
  • Hard Surface Cleaning

For the items listed above, that is the Prime Premier Detail service. For the Prime Elite Detail service, you will also receive the clay bar compound treatment for exterior paint in addition to the regular Detailing Mobile Carmel services. If you want to get your detailing service done routinely, and you are not a member, we recommend signing up to become a member to receive discounts and additional perks when you come to a Prime Car Wash location.

How to Schedule Your Detailing Mobile Carmel Service?

Scheduling your detailing mobile service with Prime Car Wash has never been easier. When you fill out the mobile car cleaning form on our website, put in the location of the vehicle(s) you want to be cleaned, the number of cars, and type of vehicle you wish to be detailed. Then select any additional services you would like done; choose a time and date for our technicians to come see you. Pay for the service, then you are all set! It’s quick, easy and convenient. There’s no need to worry about your car when you schedule your Detailing Mobile Carmel service. Your car is in good hands when you choose Prime Car Wash!

Why Should You Have Your Vehicle Detailed?

Prime Car Wash Recommends you get your vehicle cleaned and detailed at least every two weeks, and even more frequently when you drive on salted or dusty roads. Here are a few reasons why you should be getting your car cleaned more frequently:

Detailing Mobile Carmel service on the go

  • Removes and Prevents Stains

Over time, your car will develop some wear and tear, whether it be from age or the environment, things happen. Kids can spill drinks, pets can make messes and coffee can get spilt on your way to work. Life happens! When you get your car detailed by Prime Car Wash, we can help remove and prevent stains from occurring on your interior.

  • Disinfects Interior Surfaces

Germs and bacteria can build up quickly on the inside of your car. Not only can contaminants be found in your car, but they can come through your air vents from the air pushed in from the outside. Detailing your car can reduce the chance of you getting sick by cleaning and disinfecting your car.

  • Rids Car of Allergens

It’s no surprise during spring and summer that pollen manages to get everywhere including your car! It can get sucked in from your air conditioner and get everywhere inside your car whether you see it or not. During the detailing and cleaning process, our technicians at Prime Car Wash will get rid of all the pollen and other allergens that can be found inside your car. Now you can breathe better and feel more comfortable while driving.

  • Maintains the Value of Your Vehicle

Going too long between car washes could lead to paint being chipped away and engines get filthy from all the dust and grime collected while driving on dirt roads and highways. All these things could lead your car to not run as smoothly and look old. Routinely getting your car cleaned will further your car’s lifespan and when it is time to update your ride, you can get a better resale value.

  • Convenient Service

In this day and age, everybody is constantly on the go. Between work, family, socializing, and anything else that needs to be taken care of every day, cleaning your car consistently probably isn’t on the top of your to-do list. With Prime Car Wash’s Detailing Mobile Carmel services, you get your car cleaned whenever and wherever it is most suitable for you.

Contact Prime Car Wash to Schedule Your Mobile Car Cleaning Service

Car cleaning and detailing have never been easier. Contact Prime Car Wash today to get your car detailed and ready to shine whenever you like. Want to visit a Prime Car Wash location? Check out our website for pricing and become a member to receive discounts and other perks! We look forward to serving you.