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Full Service Car Wash Avon

You Can Expect Friendly Service at Prime Car Wash's Full Service Car Wash Avon

There are lots of car washes all around Central Indiana. If you visit one, the outside of your car will sparkle like its brand new. But what about the inside of your car? Most car washes provide vacuums for you to use, but you have to shell out extra cash. What if there was a Full Service Car Wash Avon that cleaned both the inside and outside of your vehicle for one price? Good news, there is!

Prime Car Wash in Avon is located at 9032 East U.S. 36, near the corner of U.S. 36 and N Country road 900 E by Walmart. We offer cleaning services for both the inside and outside of your vehicle. Schedule an appointment or visit any of our Central Indiana locations today.

What’s Included in A Full Service Car Wash Avon?

At Prime Car Wash, we understand that everyone has a different definition of clean. What might be clean enough for one person might not be clean enough for another person. That’s why we created 3 packages that can get you the clean you need to be comfortable when you’re on the road.

180 Wash

For those that just want the exterior of their car cleaned, we offer the 180 Wash. This wash includes most of the features you’d pay extra for at other car washes. For $12, your car will be treated to a complete soft cloth wash, wheel brite, hand-applied tire shine, triple foam conditioner, undercarriage, rust inhibitor, sealer wax, total body protectant, and towel dried. Most other car washes will charge you extra for things like wheel brite, undercarriage, and wax, but not a Prime Car Wash. You’ll get the highest quality wash in town for less.

360 Wash

Cars are difficult to clean on the inside. If you find it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned the inside of your car, you’re not alone. Many people just find it inconvenient to clean the inside of your vehicle. At Prime Car Wash, when we say Full Service Car Wash Avon we mean it. With our 360 Wash, you can get your car cleaned inside and out. Not only does the 360 Wash include all the exterior cleaning features of the 180 Wash, but we’ll also vacuum the interior of your car along with cleaning your windows and door jams. The inclusive 350 Wash is only $25, and you can’t beat that price when it comes to car wash convenience.

Elite Wash

At Prime Car Wash, our Elite Wash is our most inclusive package that provides a superior clean. For $39, your car will receive all the features of the 180 and 360 washes, plus your dash, console, and seats wiped clean. The Elite Wash also includes cleaning of floor mats, Canuba Wax, and a fresh fragrance. Now that’s a clean you can count on!

Detailing Services Available

Detailing Services are Available at Prime Car Wash

If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned your car, or maybe it needs special attention in certain areas, you might find that our Full Service Car Wash Avon packages don’t quite provide the superior clean you desire. Luckily, Prime Car Wash also offers detail services that can be added to your 360 or Elite Wash package.

You can order detail services ala carte, or you can get your whole car detailed with our Complete Detail Package. Our complete detail service includes all the features of the wash you’ve chosen, plus hand wax, carpet shampoo, seat treatment, and hard surface cleaning. All cars that are detailed at Prime Car Wash will be disinfected with an active germicidal cleaner guaranteed to be highly effective against a variety of pathogenic microorganisms that are living in your car.

Save Big By Becoming a Prime Car Wash Member

Not only does Prime Car Wash provide you more bang for your buck than most other car washes, but the savings also continue when you become a Prime Car Wash Member. When you sign up for an annual Full Service Car Wash Avon member, you get 2 months of car washes for free.

If you are a 360 Wash or Elite Wash member, you can get a $50 discount on our complete detail service, or you can add on a different detail service every time you stop in. Maybe one week you want your carpet shampooed, and the next week you want your leather seats dressed. It’s up to you! Members get unlimited car washes, and as long as you visit Prime Car Wash twice in one month, your membership pays for itself! Don’t you want to start driving around a cleaner car? It’s easy when you’re a member at Prime Car Wash.

Visit Prime Car Wash’s Full Service Car Wash in Avon Today!

For a Full Service Car Wash Avon that provides a thorough clean inside and out, bumper to bumper for the best value, then visit Prime Car Wash today! We’re open Monday-Saturday 8am-8pm, and Sundays from 8am-6pm. Schedule car wash online or visit any of our Central Indiana locations to learn more.