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Full-Service Car Wash Carmel

Warm weather moving in means spring break and summer vacation is almost here. There’s nothing more fun than spending a vacation with your family or close friends. There’s nothing more fun than making memories with your family piled up the car on a road trip to your favorite sunny vacation spot. During your whole vacation, your car becomes home base as you make pit stops along the way. But once the vacation is over, you’ll quickly notice the mess that has remained after such a long trip. Every seasoned road-tripper knows that nothing feels better than getting your car restored to its former glory after a long vacation. That’s when you need to visit a Full-Service Car Wash Carmel for a thorough cleaning inside and out.

Prime Car Wash not only specializes in cleaning the exterior of your car with our state-of-the-art wash bays, but we also offer interior cleaning and detailing services. Visit our location in Carmel at 9805 North Michigan Road in Carmel to get your car out of vacation mode and back to business.

Full-Service Car Wash Carmel

Prime Car Wash is a Full-Service Car Wash CarmelWhen you’re the driver of your own vehicle, you rarely get the back-seat experience that your passengers do. If the back seat of your vehicle is filled with fast-food wrappers, pet hair, or dirty laundry, then your car is going to need some special attention.

This is especially true after a road trip. When kids or pets occupy the back seats of your car, you might not notice the crumbs and wrappers that get dropped on the floor. If you visit a sandy place like the beach or you go camping at a state park, you might bring nature’s elements back to your car. If your favorite travel companion is your dog, you know how fast pet hair can get into your seats and how hard it is to remove.

When you visit Prime Car Wash in Carmel you can refresh your entire vehicle. You car will be so clean your passengers in the back seat will feel like they’re getting a VIP experience. At Prime Car Wash, we offer a variety of car wash packages that not only clean the outside of your car, but we offer interior cleaning as well.

Not only is Prime Car Wash a full-service car wash, but we also offer detail packages too. Your car will feel like you just drove it off the lot and not across the country.

Prime’s Car Wash Services

At Prime Car Wash, we understand that every car has different cleaning needs. If your car only needs an exterior wash, you won’t find a more inclusive car wash package anywhere. Our base 180 Wash includes a complete soft cloth wash, wheel brite, hand applied tire shine, triple foam conditioner, undercarriage, rust inhibitor, and sealer wax all for only $12! Most other car washes only offer some of these services, and amenities like wheel brite and wax cost extra. At Prime Car Wash we don’t want your vehicle to look half washed.

Prime’s 360 Wash is perfect for busy parents of toddlers or pets. Not only do A car being washed at a Full-Service Car Wash Carmelyou get all the services included in the 180 Wash, but your car will also be treated to a total body protectant, towel-dried, interior vacuumed, and interior windows cleaned. Most other car washes will only offer vacuums outside the car wash bays for you to use on your own. Not at Prime Car Wash. When we say Full-Service Car Wash Carmel we mean it! Take it easy in our lobby while we get all the nose and fingerprints off your windows.

Last, but not least is Prime’s Elite Wash. This wash not only includes all the services of the 180 Wash and 360 Wash, but also includes dash & console wiped down, door jams cleaned, 4 floor mats cleaned, seats wiped clean, carnuba wax, and a fresh fragrance. These additional services will make your car seem good as new.

With Prime Car Wash’s Unlimited Memberships, it’s never been easier to get your car washed! Our unlimited car wash packages are available for any of the washes listed above as many times as you want in a month.

Detailing Services Available Too! Detailing Services are also available through Prime Car Wash's Full-Service Car Wash Carmel

If you’ve returned from a road trip and you’re considering selling your car because you don’t want to deal with the mess, then get your car to Prime Car Wash! When you purchase a 360 Wash, you can add on any of our Detailing Services for an additional fee. If you need your carpets shampooed, hard surfaces cleaned, or seats treated, we’ll be happy to do those services for you. Check out our detail services page to learn more.  If your car has scuffs that need to be removed or excess pet hair, we can provide an estimate for those services as well.

Visit Prime Car Wash in Carmel Today!

No matter the weather or the trip, any car can benefit from a Full-Service Car Wash Carmel! The most you have to lose is the mess in your car. Visit the Prime Car Wash location at 9805 North Michigan Road in Carmel down the road from Super Target on Michigan Road. We’re looking forward to making your car as clean as new today!