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Full-Service Car Wash Fishers

In this day and age, it has never been easier to get the exterior of your car washed, but don’t you wish it was as convenient to clean the inside of your car too? Most car washes stop providing cleaning services once your car pulls out of the car wash bay. If you want any interior cleaning done, you have to do it yourself, unless you visit a full-service car wash. Luckily, Prime Car Wash not only specializes in cleaning the exterior of cars, but the interiors as well! If you’re looking for a Full-Service Car Wash Fishers, bring your car to Prime Car Wash at 13801 Olivia Way in Fishers to keep your car feeling brand new inside and out!

Make Your Car Sparkle

A Car Going Through Prime Car Wash's Wash BaysIf you’re searching for an in-and-out car wash that goes above and beyond to clean your car, then look no further than Prime Car Wash. Our basic 180 Wash is why you see so many bright and shiny cars driving around Fishers. Your car will be cleaned from roof rack to tire treads as it glides through our state-of-the-art wash bays. The deal only gets better once you sign up for our unlimited membership program. Now every time you encounter a flock of birds or accidentally park under a pollinating tree, you can swing by one of Prime Car Wash’s convenient locations.

Once your car looks like a million dollars from the outside, make sure the interior looks just as nice by adding on additional interior cleaning.

Full-Service Car Wash Fishers

A Car Getting A Full-Service Car Wash FishersAny car owner will tell you, cleaning the interior of a car is the worst chore. Most car washes offer interior cleaning by having vacuums available, and that’s it. Not at Prime Car Wash. We offer customized detailing services, and even some of our unlimited memberships include interior cleaning as well making Prime Car Wash the best Full-Service Car Wash Fishers.

The 360 Car Wash is the first tier of our Full-Service Car Wash Fishers services. The 360 Car wash includes all the exterior cleaning of the 180 Wash as well as vacuuming the interior and cleaning windows from the inside. This is a great option if you frequently have canine passengers that like to press their noses to your windows.

For those that are looking for a complete clean inside and out, then The Elite Wash is the perfect option to get all the grim out and off your car. Not only does The Elite Wash include all the services of the 360 Wash as well as wiping down your car’s dash and console, cleaning door jams, floor mats, and seats. We also will pump your car with a refreshing fragrance and give your car a fresh coat of carnauba wax.

These extra services are what really set Prime Car Wash apart from other car washes and even other Full-Service Car Wash Fishers.

Not Your Average Car Wash

A Car Being Detailed at Prime Car WashYou always hope that when you go through the work of cleaning your car that it will seem good-as-new.  Even if you got all the dust busted, cleaned all the windows, and wiped down every surface, your car is clean, but it’s not “good-as-new-clean.” And let’s face it, as clean as it is, it’s not going to last.

When you purchase a 360 Wash from Prime Car Wash, as part of our Full-Service Car Wash Fishers services you can also add auto detailing to the car wash. You don’t even need to be a membership member to access these extra cleaning features (although you get a discount on the complete detailing service if you are). So if you don’t think you can commit to a membership, our detailing services are perfect to fit your cleaning schedule.

A full detailing includes all the services in the 360 wash, plus hand wax, carpet shampoo, seat treatment, and hand surface cleaning.  If you find that’s too much, or not enough for your vehicle, these packages can be customized to fit your needs. Once you purchase a 360 wash, you can add any of our other detailing services too. Additional available services include; wheel bling, clay barring/compound, doors, dash, and console treatments, and leather seat dressing.

If you’re thinking that’s not enough for your messy vehicle, we can also give you an estimate for scuff removal and pet hair removal. Check out our detailing services page to see how we can customize your car’s detailing experience

Visit a Prime Full-Service Car Wash Today

If you’re tired of trying to clean the interior of your car yourself or fed up with making multiple appointments to get your car as clean as possible, then you need to visit Prime Car Wash’s Full Service Car Wash Fishers at 13801 Olivia Way near the corner of Olio Rd and Southeastern Parkway next to Dairy Queen, or click here to make an appointment today!