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Full-Service Car Wash Zionsville

If you’re the driver of a luxury vehicle or a sports car, you have a reputation to uphold. Your car can’t just look impressive from the outside, it needs to sparkle on the inside too! No one wants to sit in a sports car with mud on the floor mats and fingerprints on the windows. Some people are dedicated to cleaning the interior of their vehicles themselves, others take their cars to a detailer regularly. But wouldn’t it be nice to have the interior of your car as frequently as you clean the exterior of your car? At Prime Car Wash you can! Our Full-Service Car Wash Zionsville is perfect for anyone who wants an easier and more frequent solution for cleaning their car inside and out.

Prime Car Wash Is Your One-Stop-Shop for Vehicle Cleaning

Sports Car going through Prime's Full-Service Car Wash ZionsvilleWhen you have such an eye-catching vehicle like a muscle car or a luxury vehicle, you want to keep your car feeling as good-as-new for the longest time possible. Even if you visit the car wash frequently, you probably clean the inside of your car less frequently because it’s so difficult to do.

When it comes to cleaning the interior of your car, you have two options: do it yourself or take it to a detailing service. Doing it yourself is difficult. If you’re using the vacuums at the car wash you know how much they don’t suck. And even if the vacuums have good suction, moving the hose from one end of your car to the other is a pain and you probably can’t reach every nook and cranny as well you’d like. If you’d rather skip the hassle of trying to clean your car yourself, you might take it to a detailing service. However, detailing services can add up fast, so you probably aren’t going to take in your car to have its interior cleaned as often as you’d like.

At Prime Car Wash, our Full-Service Car Wash Zionsville has plans perfect for the person who wants to keep their interior as spotless as their exterior. We not only offer wash bays for your car to get a thorough exterior clean but our memberships also include interior cleaning! Every time you bring your car to Prime Car Wash, you can expect an intense clean for your entire vehicle.

Full-Service Car Wash Zionsville

Prime Car Wash has three car wash packages that will make your car look its best. As a Full-Service Car Wash Zionsville we are committed to giving your vehicle the best clean possible. Our packages go above and beyond the competition when it comes to what’s included in our packages. You’ll be so happy you came to Prime Car Wash, you’ll never visit another car wash again.

To start, our basic 180 Wash is an exterior-only wash that has features that are Cleaning Tools used at our Full-Service Car Wash Zionsville locationextra features at other car washes. For just $12, your car will receive the following services:

  • Complete Soft Cloth Wash
  • Wheel Brite
  • Hand Applies Tire Shine
  • Triple Foam Conditioner
  • Undercarriage
  • Rust Inhibitor
  • Sealer Wax


The next available package is our 360 Wash. This is where Prime Car Wash really sets itself apart from your average Full-Service Car Wash Zionsville. Not only will your car look great on the outside after going through our wash bay and receiving all the services from the 180 Wash, but your car will also receive:

  • Total Body Protectant
  • Towel Dry
  • Interior Vacuum
  • Interior Window Cleaned


If your car needs a complete interior clean that the 360 Wash won’t handle, then you can upgrade to our Elite Wash. You will not find a more comprehensive car cleaning than with our Elite Wash. Prime Car Wash’s Elite Wash includes all the services of the 180 and 360 washes, plus:

  • Dash and Console Wipe
  • Door Jams Cleaned
  • 4 Floor Mats Cleaned
  • Seats Wiped Clean
  • Carnuba Wax
  • Fragrance


These packages aren’t only available on-demand, they all qualify for our unlimited membership packages. Imagine visiting Prime Car Wash as often as you want. Every time your car goes through the wash bay, it will then get a floor-to-ceiling interior cleaning as well. Your car will always look brand new.

Prime Car Wash’s Detailing Services

A Car Being cleaned at Prime's Full-Service Car Wash Location ZionsvilleIf you’re looking at our list of services and you think that the Elite Wash is not as complete of a clean as you’d like, then check out our detailing services!  Our Complete Detail package includes:

  • All The Services Included in the 360 Wash
  • Hand Wax
  • Carpet Shampoo
  • Seat Treatment
  • Hard Surface Cleaning


And if you have a Prime Car Wash Membership, you get a $50 discount on the complete detail package! If you find that the complete detail package doesn’t cover the places you want to be cleaned, you can add any of detail services to your Elite Wash. Services like Wheel Bling, and clay barring can really take your vehicle to the next level of clean!

If your car is extra messy from pet fur or if you have scuffs you would like to be removed, we are happy to provide an estimate for those services too.

Visit Prime Car Wash in Zionsville today!

Visit our Prime Car Wash Location at 9805 North Michigan Road, near Super Target, for a complete Full-Service Car Wash Zionsville cleaning that you can be proud of! Show off your fancy luxury car or a sports car to your friends. They will be impressed by how new it looks!