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Greenwood Car Wash Detail

Car Detailing Avon Services Are Available at Prime Car WashGet your car, truck or SUV washed and waxed all while you relax in a comfy chair and enjoy some TV. Our regular wash will get anything off the outside of your car, including water spots and dust. This service is great for all cars, but especially for those, you need to keep in top condition. Bring your car to Prime Car Wash for Greenwood Car Wash Detail today. We take care of the messy business of cleaning your car while you enjoy coffee in our customer lounge.

Our Detailing Services are included with our 360 Wash Packages, so you can guarantee your car will be clean inside and out. Check out all our available detailing services, and then visit one of our many locations in central Indiana. You’ll swear your car is brand new after a visit to Prime Car Wash.

Benefits of Greenwood Car Wash Detail

Adding Car Detailing Avon Services is easy at Prime Car WashKeeping your car clean goes beyond just washing the outside body of your vehicle. Experts recommend taking 15 minutes every 2 weeks to wash your car and 30 minutes every 3 months to detailing your car. This will keep the dirt off, making your car last longer.

When you want to keep your car looking great, detailing it is probably the best thing you can do. Removing dirt and grime will keep your bolts clean, prevent seized fasteners and ensure that air keeps flowing through your vehicle properly. It also looks good!

Exterior detailing is a great way to protect your car’s paint. Frequent car cleanings are also important for your safety by having clean windows, mirrors, and headlights can cut down on the amount of dirt that gets underneath the car and keep you safe while you drive on low-light drivers. Keep everyone in your car safe and healthy with frequent Greenwood Car Wash Detail.

Sign Up For A 360 Wash Membership

It is beneficial to have your car detailed on a regular basis, but none more than the savings you’ll receive when you sign up for a 360 Wash Membership from Prime Car Wash. Our 360 Wash is $25, which might seem like a lot, but wait until you hear what is included in your wash.

Our 360 Wash includes an exterior wash, complete with wheel brite, hand-applied tire shine, triple foam conditioner, undercarriage, rust inhibitor, sealer wax, total body protectant, and towel drying. As well as interior vacuuming, interior window cleaning, and cleaning of door jams. At other car washes, you would have to pay their highest price just to get all the exterior cleaning options that are provided standard in the 360 Wash.

Not only will we wash your car, but we’ll vacuum it, clean your interior windows and even clean your door jams. Our dedicated team will take your car into one of our detailing bays while you relax in our lounge.

Greenwood Car Wash Detail

Now that you know more about our 360 Wash membership, you probably expect the services to stop there. You might have been expecting more for Greenwood Car Wash Detail, but that seems like a lot of bang for your buck, but that’s not all.

When you purchase a 360 Wash, you can add on a Complete Detail Package. This package includes hand wax, carpet shampoo, seat treatment, and hard surface treatment complete with our active germicidal disinfectant cleaner. 360 Wash members get a $50 savings on the complete detail package.

A Car Detailing Avon Package will guarantee your car is cleaned inside and outNow let’s say these features seem nice, but that doesn’t solve the interior issues your car has. No problem! Our Greenwood Car Wash Detail options are ala carte with the purchase of a 360 Wash. Maybe your wheels need some extra bling, or you need your leather seats treated, it’s up to you! As a 360 Wash member, you can add on a different service every time you visit Prime Car Wash. Your car will be cleaned inside and out and have a little extra detailing done. Whether you come once a month or four times a month. We’ll be happy to make your car as clean as you want it.

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Ready to clean the dirt and grime that’s been built up on your car? Visit Prime Car Wash for your Greenwood Car Wash Detail appointment today! We offer everything from a basic wash to a complete detailing package that will leave your car feeling like it just rolled down the showroom floor.