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Mobile Detail Carmel

Mobile Detail ZionsvilleMobile Detail Carmel from Prime Car Wash is exactly what you need to make your car feeling like new once you have to start commuting again. When was the last time you had your detailed? If you’ve been working from home, it’s probably been a while. You may not have been driving around as much as you used to, but your car can be accumulating dust since the last time you cleaned it.

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Mobile Detail Carmel From Prime Car Wash

2020 was a hard year. If you’re going back to work in 2021, you deserve to make the transition as smooth as possible, by making your ride as clean as possible. Treating your car to an exterior and interior cleaning will not just make your car happier, it will make you happier. You’ll love driving around in a car that feels like it’s brand new. The best part is you don’t have to take time out of your busy schedule to bring your car in.

Mobile Detailing Zionsville

Prime Premier Detail

Prime Mobile Detail Carmel gives you a complete exterior wash, interior vacuum, interior windows clean, door jams clean, seat treatment, carpet shampoo, and hard surface cleaning for your vehicle. All of this is brought straight to you, with no more hassling of scheduling detail services around when you can make it in. We bring our great car wash services straight to you!

Prime Elite Detail

With our Prime Elite Detail, you get all the wonderful perks of the premier package, plus the clay bar compound applied to your vehicle. Clay bars are used to pick up surface contaminants that can stick to the finish. These particles can damage your vehicle if exposed for long periods of time since they are pretty difficult to remove by washing and even waxing. Over time, they can eat the paint if not properly removed, leading to rusting.

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