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Unlimited Car Wash Avon

If your car feels more like a school bus than a personal vehicle, you’re not alone. Carpooling parents aren’t surprised when they see how filthy their car is but are too tired at the end of the day to do anything about it. Luckily, Unlimited Car Wash Avon packages from Prime Car Wash make it easy to keep your car clean inside and out.

A Clean Car Inside and Out

Most of Prime's Unlimited Car Wash Avon Packages Include Interior Cleaning Of Your VehicleHaving your car washed on a regular basis is not only good for protecting your investment. Regular car washes keep debris off your exterior, and clean windshields, mirrors, and lights can improve visibility on dark roads. But many drivers will admit they don’t clean the interior of their car as often as they clean the exterior.

At Prime Car Wash, we think of ourselves as a “Flex Service Car Wash.” This means that we can offer all the quality services of a traditional full-service car wash along with the speed and services of an exterior-only car wash. Most of our Unlimited Car Wash Avon packages include an exterior car cleaning as well as interior cleaning for one price.

Unlimited Car Wash Avon Packages

Prime Car Wash has three great Unlimited Car Wash Avon memberships to choose from. For some of our members, they just want an exterior wash and nothing more. But we can clean your car clean bumper to bumper, inside and out.

Adding on Detailing Is Easy With an Unlimited Car Wash Avon Package from Prime Car WashOur plans start at $30 a month with the 180 Wash. Your car will get a soft cloth wash, wheel brite, hand-applied tire shine, triple foam conditioner, undercarriage cleaning, rust inhibitor, sealer wax, and total body protectant. This Unlimited Car Wash Avon cleans only the exterior of your car.  Our quick car wash bays makes going through the car wash a breeze.

If the idea of having a clean car inside and out appeals to you, then our 360 Wash is just up your alley. Prime Car Wash’s 360 Wash includes all the exterior cleaning on the 180 Wash, combined with total body protectant and a towel drying, but also includes basic interior work such as interior vacuuming and window cleaning. This package starts at $50 a month.

The Elite Wash is for people who want to always feel like they’re driving a brand-new car. You’ll receive all the services from the 180 Wash and 360 Wash, as well as: dash and console wipe down, cleaning door jams, cleaning of 4 floor mats, cleaning of seats, carnauba wax, and a fresh interior fragrance. The Elite Wash is $70 a month.

Save Big with A Membership From Prime Car Wash

All of this sounds pretty good so far. You can get your car’s interior and exterior cleaned as often as you want as many times as you want in a month. When you sign up for the Unlimited Car Wash Avon annual memberships, you save even more on car washes!

Customers sign up for our annual memberships because they love how much they save. If you sign up for any of our annual memberships, you’ll only pay for 10 months’ worth of washes instead of 12. We give you two months free! If you get wrapped up in life and miss a wash one month, it’s ok, because we got you covered.

Unlimited Car Wash Avon Plans

Detailing Services From Prime Car Wash

Members who sign up for the 360 Wash or Elite Wash packages can also add on car detailing services for a fee. Prime Car Wash not only prides itself on all the interior cleaning options we offer a standard in our packages, but we also offer detailing services. Members can indulge in the full Prime Complete Detail Package for $50 less than non-members.

Our detailing services are also available ala carte with the 360 Wash or the Elite Wash. Say you’re a Prime 360 Wash member and you come in for a wash one week and add a carpet shampooing, and then the next week you add hand wax. You’ll not only love the convenience of keeping your car clean, but you’ll also love how much money you save.

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In fact, your car will be so clean you may make others jealous. Luckily, adding a second car to your Unlimited Car Wash Avon plan is easy. Prime gives 360 Wash and Elite Wash members a $10 monthly discount on a second vehicle. So add your spouse’s car to your list so their car can be just as clean as yours.

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If you haven’t checked our Prime Car Wash yet, now is a perfect time! If you are interested in being an Unlimited Car Wash Avon Member just visit our Avon location at the corner of East U.S. 36 and N County Rd 900 E next to MCL. Members can get their car cleaned at any of our Central Indiana locations. Book a car wash now to experience the Prime Car Wash difference for yourself.