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Unlimited Car Wash Carmel

When you’re in the driver’s seat of your car, you often don’t get the passenger experience. When someone approaches your car, they might notice right away how dirty it is. Once they get inside, maybe they smell odors you’ve grown used to. Pets or kids in the back seats may leave your seats covered in pet hair and crumbs. These things you don’t notice in your car might be giving your potential passengers the wrong impression. Keep your reputation and keep your car in great condition with Unlimited Car Wash Carmel with Prime Car Wash. A car wash from Prime can be as simple as polishing your exterior or as intense as cleaning your mats and vacuuming your seats.

Car Being Washed With Unlimited Car Wash Carmel PackageWhy You Should Invest In an Unlimited Car Wash Membership

Your car is an investment. You paid a lot of money for your car. Ensure it lasts as long as possible by maintaining it. Not just oil changes and tire rotations, but washing your car regularly will prevent contaminants from ruining your finish and paint. When you keep your car in great condition your resale value will be higher. The same goes for the interior of the car as well. Especially if you have leather seats, you want to keep them clean to prevent them from splitting and cracking.

If you often have pets in your car, you know how easy it is for pet hair to be embedded in your seats, and then how hard it is to get that pet hair out. Kids often make a mess in the back seat. Snacks and markers that can leave stains which lowers the value of your vehicle. Both kids and pets love leaving their mark on your back windows.

Taking your car to the car wash may resolve some of these problems. Running your car through the wash bay may get rid of those unsightly bird poop stains on your hood, but just because you went to the car wash doesn’t mean you cleaned the interior of your car. That’s where getting an Unlimited Car Wash Membership from Prime Car Wash is different from traditional Unlimited Car Wash Carmel plans.

Prime’s Car Wash Membership Plans

Unlimited Car Wash Carmel Plans

At other car washes, being an unlimited member means going through the wash bay as much as you want. If you want your interior cleaned, you have to pay to use the vacuums on the property or take it to a detailer. Prime Car Wash does offer this unlimited car wash plan, a traditional exterior car wash for $29.99 a month.

If you’re looking to get more out of an Unlimited Car Wash Carmel plan, then the 360 unlimited plan is right for you. Not only does the exterior of your vehicle get clean. The team at Prime Car Wash will vacuum your interior and clean the inside of your windows. This extra interior cleaning is only a $20 upgrade from our 180 wash.

Some people really want to take great care of their cars. Sometimes vacuuming and window cleaning just isn’t enough. Prime’s Elite Wash conveniently washes and details your car at the same time. An Elite membership includes everything from the first two packages, plus your dash and console are wiped clean, door jams are cleaned, floor mats cleaned, seats wiped clean, a fresh coat of carnuba wax, and a fresh fragrant scent.  You can visit any of the Central Indiana Prime Car Wash locations as often as you’d like in a month for $69.99 a month.

Exterior Cleaning Are Included in all of the Unlimited Car Wash Carmel Packages

Now you might be concerned that these memberships are expensive. If you  frequently get your car washed, you know how fast car washes can add up. Detailing a whole car can be expensive and time-consuming. With a membership, you know how much your wash will be every month. And if you subscribe to a yearly membership, we’ll wave 2 months off for additional savings. If you have multiple drivers and vehicles in your house, adding to your membership is easy. In fact, we’ll let you add a second vehicle to your membership for a discount.

Sign Up for A Prime Unlimited Car Wash Today

Will I go to the car wash enough times in the year to make it worth signing up for an Unlimited Car Wash Carmel? If you sign up for an unlimited membership at Prime Car Wash, as long as you wash your car twice a month, it will be worth it. If you’re a frequent car washer, or you need to start becoming one, visit Prime Car Wash’s location in Carmel at 9805 North Michigan Road to sign up. Once you’re a member you can use your unlimited pass to get your car washed at any of our convenient Central Indiana Locations.