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Unlimited Car Wash Fishers

Buying a car is a big investment. The better you take care of your car, the longer it will last. Whether you wash your car regularly or take it in as needed, a car wash here and there can really add up. Protect your investment with an Unlimited Car Wash Fishers at Prime Car Wash. For a monthly fee, you can wash your car as much or as little as you need for a regular monthly fee. Our Fishers location offers 3 different unlimited car wash packages that can help keep your car looking like new. Visit us this week at our Fishers location at 13801 Olivia Way near the corner of Olio Road and Southeastern Parkway.

Unlimited Car Wash Fishers

We here at Prime Car Wash understand that life happens. No one likes driving around with an unsightly spot on their car after driving under a flock of birds. The weather in Indiana is typically unpredictable. Cars stained and tarnished from driving through puddles of mud and snow need to be cleaned quickly to prevent dirt from damaging your paint and finish. With Unlimited Car Wash packages from Prime Car Wash, nothing will keep your vehicle from looking its best.

180 Wash Package

We have a variety of Unlimited Car Wash packages to choose from. If you find that you don’t wash your car that often but want to get in the habit of taking better care of your vehicle. Our 180 Wash Unlimited Package is a great place to start. For $29.99 a month, you can have your car washed as many times as you want.

Our 180 Wash Package Includes complete soft cloth wash, wheel brite, hand-applied tire shine, triple foam conditioner, undercarriage, rust inhibitor, sealer wax, and total body protection. Your car will be sparkling like its brand new.

360 Wash Package

Man cleaning the interior of a vehicle as part of the Unlimited Car Wash Fishers Package

When you’re a parent, you hardly have time for yourself, let alone your car. Whether you have three kids or three dogs, you might wish you had a car wash package that not only cleaned the outside of your car but also the inside. Odors can spread through your car fast and can be difficult to get rid of. Crumbs and pet hair can be time-consuming to remove yourself. Even if you clean your car thoroughly, there’s a good chance it will be dirty again before you know it.

The 360 package is an affordable way to keep your car clean from the inside out. With all the features of the 180 package, plus towel dry, interior vacuuming, and interior window cleaning, you can say goodbye to all the nose and fingerprints on your back windows. All of this for $49.99 a month. Take the soccer team out to ice cream, or have a doggy playdate. Afterward, there will be no stress to clean your car from the inside out whenever you want with the 360 wash package from Prime Car Wash.

Elite Wash Package

Is your car your baby? Do you have an exclusive VIP list of people who are allowed in your car? Do you kiss your car goodbye when you park it in the garage? Some of these examples might be an exaggeration, but we at Prime Car Wash understand the obsession people have over their vehicles. That’s why we created our Elite Unlimited Car Wash Package, for people who love their car as much (if not more) as their mothers.

For $69.99 a month, your car will be cleaned from bumper to bumper inside and out as frequently as you want. We clean all the nooks and crannies. With all the features of the first two packages as well as: dash and console wipe down, cleaned door jams, 4-floor mats cleaned, seats wiped clean, carnauba wax and a fresh fragrance for your interior. Stop spending money on detailing month after month. With the Elite Package, you can get your car washed and interior meticulously cleaned whenever you want.

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Car Being Washed at Prime Car Wash in Fishers

Prime Car Wash’s Unlimited Car Wash Fishers has a package for everyone. If you find that you get your car washed twice a month or more, then these packages will save you big bucks! Most unlimited car wash packages don’t include interior cleaning.

Signing up has never been easier! Visit any of our convenient locations around Central Indiana or visit our Fishers Location at: 13801 Olivia Way. Or you can click here to contact us. You can even schedule your services ahead of time through our website. See what being a member feels like at Prime Car Wash today!