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Unlimited Car Wash Zionsville

Zionsville is a great place to raise a family. It’s a growing community with some great shopping and restaurants. You’re not far from downtown Indianapolis if you want to try something new. If you’re traveling frequently to downtown, you’re probably driving up and down 65 every day of every week. All that driving really takes a toll on your vehicle, and if you’re not taking proper care of your vehicle it could cost you. That’s where an Unlimited Car Wash Zionsville at Prime Car Wash comes in handy. Keep your car looking like new no matter where you go.

Benefits of Regular Car Washes

Car Getting Cleaned With An Unlimited Car Wash Zionsville from Prime Car Wash

Your car is an investment. Cars are expensive and when you sell your car you want to make sure you get the most money back possible. Getting your car washed on a regular basis will not only keep your car in good condition, but it will also help it perform better and last longer.

If you regularly drive on major highways, you share the road with some very unclean vehicles. The dust and mud will transfer from the road and get into the treads of your tires, the front of your grill, and in the undercarriage of your car. Washing your car regularly in these places will increase the longevity of your tires and your car as you travel around Indianapolis.

A clean car is also a safe car. When was the last time you cleaned your headlights? Dirty headlights and mirrors can impact visibility. Having your car cleaned regularly will keep you and your family safe whether you’re driving on a busy highway or a secluded dimly lit country road.

But it’s not just the exterior of your vehicle you need to keep clean. If you have kids or pets, you know how messy that can make your car. With food and hair everywhere, regular cleanings are a must! Hair and dust in your vents and clog up your filter which can lower the air quality within your vehicle. This can limit the lifespan of your vehicle’s climate control system.

Unlimited Car Wash Zionsville Packages

Prime Car Wash has three great Unlimited Car Wash Zionsville memberships to choose from. Whether you keep your car pristine and spotless, or if you just want to keep the paint from rusting, we have a plan that fits your needs.

Interior Cleaning Is Part of Our Unlimited Car Wash Packages from Prime Car Wash

Our plans start at $29.99 a month with the 180 Wash. Your car will get a soft cloth wash, wheel brite, hand applied tire shine, triple foam conditioner, undercarriage cleaning, rust inhibitor, sealer wax, and total body protectant. The 180 Wash cleans only the exterior. With Prime Car Wash’s quick car wash bays, it’s never been faster to go through the car wash.

For the person who understands the importance of a clean car from the inside out, consider the 360 Wash. Prime Car Wash’s 360 wash includes all the exterior cleaning on the 180 Wash, combined with total body protectant and a towel drying, but also includes basic interior work such as interior vacuuming and interior window cleaning. This package starts at $49.99 a month. Perfect for the busy parent who doesn’t have time to thoroughly clean their car after carpooling all the kids to soccer practice.

Some people obsess over their cars like their children. They like their car to stay as clean as it was when they bought it. Especially with luxury or sports cars, having a spiffy car inside and out is likely to turn heads. The downside to keeping your car pristine is that it usually involves multiple trips or appointments. Taking your car to the car wash isn’t usually enough. Your car will look clean from the outside, but when your interior also needs cleaning, your options are limited. You can use one of the vacuums at the car wash for an additional fee, you can take it home and clean it yourself, or you have to make an appointment at a detail service. Wouldn’t it be nice to get your interior and exterior expertly cleaned in one trip?

Prime Car Wash's Technicians Will Clean All The Nooks And Crannies When You Sign Up For AN Unlimited Car Wash PackageWith Unlimited Car Wash Zionsville from Prime Car Wash, you can get the best of both worlds! The Elite Wash starts at $69.99 a month and is a favorite among our frequent car wash customers. With all the features of the first two packages, the elite package adds dash and console wipe down, door jams cleaned, 4-floor mats cleaned, seated wiped clean, carnuba wax, and a fresh fragrance added to your car’s cabin.

Visit Prime Car Wash Today

If you’re interested in any of these monthly memberships to keep your car spic and span, then visit any of the Prime Car Wash’s Central Indiana locations. Our Carmel location at 9805 North Michigan Road is where you can purchase an Unlimited Car Wash Zionsville membership. You know exactly how much you’ll spend on car washes each month. As long as you visit the car wash twice a month, your membership will be worth it. Also, check out our services page to see what other services you can add to your car wash. We look forward to seeing you at any of our locations soon!