Valued Prime Member - Prime Car Wash

Dear Valued Prime Member

We greatly appreciate you as a member and your loyalty to the Prime Car Was brand. 2022 is our 10th year in business. Since opening our doors in 2012 we have grown and opened several new locations serving the greater Indianapolis area, as well as growing the Prime Car Wash Franchise in other markets across the US. Without our wonderful members, like you, none of that would have been possible. We sincerely thank you!

At Prime Car Wash we are always striving to deliver the best possible quality, experience, and speed of service for our customers. We value your feedback and take all of it into consideration before we adjust to meet the needs of our customers and members, as well as stay on the cutting edge of the car wash industry.

On July 1, 2022, Prime Car Wash will introduce new wash and membership options to help us better serve the community and allow us to deliver on the promise of top quality, experience, and speed. We invite you to please take a moment to get to know the new way to wash at Prime and learn more about what this means for you as a member.

New Prime Wash & Membership Options

Upgrades for current memberships

On July 1st, all memberships will be upgraded accordingly without any increase in your current membership rate. If your membership is canceled at any time, you will be invited back as a member with the new membership options and rates.

180 Unlimited Members will be upgraded to Elite Wash Membership but will continue at the rate of $29.99/month.
360 Unlimited Members will be upgraded to the Elite Wash with Interior but will continue at the rate of $54.99/month.
Elite Unlimited Members will continue to be Elite Wash with Interior membership at the rate of $69.99/month. Please note that there is additional services included in the Elite Wash to allow us to deliver on even better quality.

Annual Memberships will be honored and upgraded accordingly through the remainder of the 12-month cycle. At the end of the 12-month cycle Annual Members will be invited to join under a new Annual Membership Plan or a new Monthly Membership Plan.

Unused Prepaid Purchases

Any prepaid purchase such as wash books, wash cards, gift cards, prepaid details, etc. will be honored and or upgraded as necessary.

Hours of Operation

Please note the change in our Spring/Summer hours of operation.

Monday - Saturday 8am-7pm all services available
7pm-8pm exterior services only

Sunday 8am-7pm all services available

Thank you!

Thank you again for being a valued and loyal Prime Member. We look forward to serving you well with our new services, better processes, and the best experience yet! Keep an eye out for our new WESTFIELD, IN location planning to open at the end of this year!