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Vehicle Detailing Indianapolis

Getting a regular Vehicle Detailing Indianapolis service from Prime Car Wash can change the way people look at you, or even how you look at yourself. Having a clean car inside and out has been proven to boost your mental clarity, your mental health, and give people a chance to have a positive first impression about you if you are meeting them and picking them up for the first time in your car. There is more that routine detailing can do for you and your car, but if you want to find the other benefits, you will have to book an appointment at your nearest Prime Car Wash location today!  

About Prime Car Wash and the Vehicle Detailing Indianapolis Service

Vehicle Detailing Indianapolis servicePrime Car Wash is a major car wash company with locations all over the great state of Indiana, as well as a couple of locations in Florida that are perfect for our clients who like to travel down south for the winter. We offer our clients who like to regularly get their car cleaned and detailed a membership service to save money on future visits. There are three different choices to choose from regarding the level of service you would like to receive: basic, pro, and elite. These memberships range in price and the types of services you can get with each visit. Of course, these prices and services vary depending on the membership type and you can find more information about them here

Top 5 Cleanings You Should Get With a Prime Car Wash Detailing Service 

The cleaning services that come with Prime Car Wash typically come with a triple wheel shine, wheel bright, tire shine, and towel dry. Of course, if you pay for the pro or elite plan, there are more perks you get, however, if you need additional services here are a few you should consider getting! 

  • Prime Carpet Shampoo (Member Price- $49/ Non-Member Price- $69)
    Though vacuuming is great at getting the top layer of dirt off the carpet in your car, there is still dirt that lies deep within the carpet. Regularly shampooing your carpet can deep clean your carpet can give it a fresh, new smell. It is recommended that you shampoo your car’s interior about three times a month to really get rid of all the dirt in your carpet.

  • Prime Pet Hair Removal (Estimated on Site)
    For our pet-loving customers, Prime Car Wash offers a pet hair removal service to get rid of all the pet hair that covers the seats in your car. Whether you have a sweet golden retriever or a cute little calico cat, we can get rid of that pesky pet hair for you.

  • Headlight Restoration (Member Price- $49/ Non-Member Price- $69)
    Over time, your headlights can accumulate dirt, mildew, and age. With Prime Car Wash’s headlight restoration, your headlights can look as good as new and improve your safety, as well as the other drivers that you share the road with.

  • Prime Leather Seat Dressing (Member and Non-Member Price- $15)
    Nothing screams luxury quite like a leather interior. The leather interior of a car is nice and can be easy to maintain, however, if you don’t maintain it at all it can crack. For members and non-members alike, Prime Car Wash offers this additional service at $15. This service has the additional bonus of preserving the interior of your car and maintaining your car’s value if you ever plan on selling it.

  • Prime Hand Wax (Member Price- $49/ Non-Member Price- $69)
    Hand wax is great for preserving your paint job, enhancing the shine and luster of your car, and will make it easier to clean your car in the future. Though using a machine to apply car wax is faster, having a hand waxing job allows the wax to be evenly distributed across the car’s body. It is recommended that you should get your car waxed every three to six months in order to preserve the body of your vehicle. If you want a wax job that is done right you should go with Prime Car Wash. 

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