After many successful years in corporate America, I began to want to build a business of my own. It needed to be something where I could travel less, spend more time with my family, and provide a more passive income stream than my hectic sales position. Many franchises I researched seemed to require a heavy owner/operator presence and made me feel like I was buying myself a new labor-intensive full-time job. With Prime, I’m able to manage a business from a high level without necessarily having to be onsite every day dealing with day to day operations. The Prime corporate team has provided me with all the tools I need to make the business successful and has been extremely supportive when questions or issues arise. It feels great to own a business that is utilized and loved by my surrounding community. I’m very fortunate to have partnered with Prime Car Wash.

—Zac Bruker

Starting with you on the negotiation of business points, to your attorney in the contract process, as well as your architect and engineers throughout the permit and approval process, each has been a pleasure to work with. It’s rare these days to work with a group as organized as yours.

If any future developer would ever like to contact me, please don’t hesitate to give them my information. Again, I thank you for working with Deer Creek and know you will have tremendous success.

—Rob Warstler

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