Fundraising Program - Prime Car Wash

Fundraising Program

How the Prime Car Wash Fundraising Program Works

Prime Car Wash vows a commitment to the community surrounding and supporting our businesses. Our team members are just like you. They have families and children that are part of organizations that make our community special. So to help our community programs, we’ve created a Fundraising Program to help promote the growth and involvement of our local team sports and events.

Prime Car Wash Fundraiser Opportunity Program:

  • The Organization Head (Responsible Party) needs to contact your local Prime Car Wash location to begin the process and discuss how many Fundraising Packages they would like.
  • The Fundraiser Package is completely customizable and can be created for individual members of the organization or as one bulk package for the entire organization to share as they would like.
  • The organization can choose any amount and combination of the wash cards. Basic Wash $9 each, Pro Wash $14 each, Elite Wash $22 each, Interior Cleanings $22 each.
  • When supplies are depleted, The Organization Head may come back and sign out more wash cards as needed.
  • The Organization Head is responsible for all inventory received.
  • The Organization Head must sign the Fundraiser Program Set-up Form at the time of receiving the Fundraiser Package.
  • A Fundraiser Program Set-up Form must be filled out for each package received.
  • Upon returning money and surplus inventory, the Fundraiser Set-up Form will be signed and completed.
  • A check for 50% of all cards sold will be issued in the name of the organization within 10 business days of receipt of the Fundraiser Package.