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Mobile Car Cleaning Indianapolis

Prime Mobile Car Cleaning Indianapolis lets you enjoy a service that is often only available at a dealership or by appointment. With strong attention to detail and the convenience of our mobile car detailing service, you get the ultimate in reliable luxury transportation.

How to Book Our Mobile Car Cleaning Fishers

The process is straightforward, easy to understand, and results in an expert detailing job. All you have to do is fill out the Mobile Car Cleaning Indianapolis online booking form located on the Prime Car Wash website. Select your desired service level, pay for it and we’ll take care of the rest!

We understand how important your vehicle is to you. The Mobile Car Cleaning Indianapolis detail service is quick, convenient, and very affordable. The service includes a complete exterior wash, towel dry, hand-applied tire shine, wheel bling, hand wax, interior vacuum, interior window cleaned, door jambs cleaned, and carpet shampoo.
Mobile Detail Avon Packages


For the ultimate car detailing, choose the Prime Elite Detail (purchased for $150). In addition to all of the above, this package includes a hand wash and wax for exterior, clay-bar treatment for exterior paint, interior hand-vacuuming and steam cleaning, exhaust cleaning, and a wipe down of all sides of each tire.

After selecting your Mobile Car Cleaning Indianapolis, you’ll need to specify how many cars you’d like to have detailed and what type of vehicle they are. (Services for minivans, trucks, and SUVs with a 3rd row cost a tad more; the Prime Premier Detail is $299 with the Prime Elite Detail costing $399.) You’ll also need to determine if you’d like any extra services, like pet hair removal or Vision Blade windshield treatment.

You deserve to drive a clean car, and now you can. choose a time and date for service then provide your payment information. And that’s it – you’re done! Our team members will show up promptly at the designated time, ready to help your car look its very best.

Advantages of Mobile Car Cleaning Indianapolis

Make every drive an opportunity to show off your car’s incredible shine with a mobile car cleaning detail from Prime Car Wash. We use gentle cleaning products and soft brushes to remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants from your vehicle’s exterior and interior. If you want to make sure your car looks new for longer, reach out to our specialists here!

Mobile Detail Avon will have the inside of your car thoroughly cleanedStain Removal and Prevention

A car’s interior and exterior can lose their pop over time. Do you constantly have to clean up spots on your seats? Are some stains just too embarrassing to let a guest see? If so, it might be time you took another look at your car’s appearance.

At Prime Car Wash, we’re all about helping people achieve their ideal level of car cleaning at an affordable rate. We offer deals on multiple services meant to prolong the life of your car and make it look new; clean and detail your interior, as well as exterior, and also offer protection services that will keep intrusive particles from damaging your vehicle’s exterior in the first place. Whether you drive a compact sedan or a full-sized SUV, we can help!

Disinfect Interior Surfaces

The car is a haven for germs and bacteria. You can avoid A LOT of airborne sicknesses simply by keeping it clean! We promise you that our cleaning job will do the job with no chemicals, and no petrochemicals. Our cleaning techs are friendly and knowledgeable so don’t hesitate to ask them any questions you may have.

We use a safe, non-toxic disinfectant that eliminates most germs in hard-to-reach places. Our cleaning products will get your car looking and smelling like it’s just out of the showroom!

Allergen Removal

It’s time to clear out allergens and dirt that have collected in your car’s carpets with our mobile car cleaning services! We will shampoo your carpets to remove pesky allergens as well as all the dirt and odors that have accumulated. Carpeting is bound to collect a lot of dirt, dust, and grime over its lifetime. Combined with pet and human hair, crumbs, road salt, dirt, and spilled drinks, it’s understandable why you should clean regularly.

Mobile Detail Avon can clean large SUVs and Mini VansMaintain Car Value

It’s easier to park and enjoy your car when it’s clean, many people cannot clean their cars regularly. As time passes, dirt and grime will accumulate inside and outside of your car, lowering the value of your car. We can help you keep that new-car shining for years down the road!

Super Convenient Service

At Prime Car Wash, we are proud of our reputation for offering high-quality mobile car detailing. Our team of car professionals will arrive at your door to provide superior cleaning service at reasonable prices. Book your Mobile Car Cleaning Indianapolis today with Prime Car Wash!